Fans have deciphered a secret message in the new Mass Effect teaser

Another confirmation from BioWare that a new Mass Effect is in the works

Fans of the Mass Effect saga are celebrating on November 7 N7 day, a day accepted by the community. In 2022, to celebrate Saga’s 15th anniversary, BioWare (the creator of the franchise) has revealed a cryptic video that fans have been led to believe will be a teaser for the new Mass Effect. A secret announcement was made on Twitter BioWarewhere the company urged players to investigate the ad.

The announcement appears to contain only interference noises, but players using audio programs have revealed a hidden audio message that appears to be sent by one of the main characters of the original trilogy, Lyra T’son, and the company has confirmed its announcement. Return.

Check out the coded audio posted on Reddit from Mass Effect below.

The output when translating the audio is: “Exactly, the council will be angry, although they already know not to underestimate people.” After decoding the audio, the director BioWare🇧🇷 Michael Gambleconfirmed the news on his Twitter and also confirmed the production of a new Mass Effect.

THE BioWare Currently divided into two projects, Dragon Age: DreadWolf is new mass effect🇧🇷 Unfortunately, none of the games have a release date yet.

Rumors surrounding the new Mass Effect

with troubles that surrounded the last mass effect, Mass Effect: Andromeda, BioWare decided to go back and focus on the original Commander Shepard trilogy. As we previously posted here on Adrenaline, Deus Ex and Guardians of the Galaxy Writer working on new Mass EffectWhich shows that a new game in the series has been in development for some time, but BioWare It does not disclose details of how the project is progressing.

The game should be a direct sequel to Mass Effect 3Shows the end results of the battle against the rappers and may end up being a comeback Commander Shepard

A new Mass Effect chapter is still in the early stages of development
BioWare says it has finally found the right tools to handle future projects


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