Fans create a remake of the first Resident Evil using the RE Engine

The first demo of the project is now available for free download

While even Capcom did a A remake of the first Resident Evil, it is quite different from other remastered games in the series produced on the RE Engine. This prompted a set of fans to make their own “A remake of a remake”The first demo of which is now available for download.

The new work uses resources from Resident Evil 2 and 3 remakesTell the story of STARS agents who find themselves trapped in the Spencer mansion. According to those responsible for the project, known as Resident Evil Remake Remake, the intention was to mix elements from the original 1996 version and the updated 2002 re-release.

With a third-person view and new types of puzzles, The project also has expanded areas and scenario innovations. Before traveling to the palace, which serves as the game’s setting, players are given an opportunity Visit the Raccoon City Police Department And see how it worked before the disaster that befell the city.

The fan-made Resident Evil remake will be free

According to the developers of the project, The finished version will be available to the public for free —something that prevents him from being sued by Capcom. The team responsible has yet to make a release prediction, but explained The works are still in progress And it should get better soon.

If you want to check the progress of Resident Evil Remake Remake, you can download it from the project’s official website. There is a demo Available in English, Spanish and PortugueseEach of which is offered as a separate file with an average size of 7 GB.

Last week, Capcom released new details about the Resident Evil 4 remake, which promises to bring a darker aspect to Leon’s adventures. The release is scheduled for March 24, 2023. The game promises to bring updated action systemsHe promised to stay faithful to the story that blessed the original version.

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