Fans complain about Heroes of the Storm’s ‘ending’, but ideas are already being worked on to keep the game alive ⋆

Sadly MOBA fans Heroes of the StormA Snowstorm released a statement this weekend confirming that the game will enter maintenance mode and will no longer receive updates. Of course, this news left the dedicated players of the game very disappointed. However, as the developers have stated that they will keep the servers active and the game in the playable stage, some community members are already coming up with ideas to keep the game updated… let’s check it out shall we?

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As I pointed out, Blizzard’s announcement left Heroes of the Storm fans quite disappointed. In fact, many took to social media and internet forums to regret the decision. Then, in the middle of the discussions, some players started coming up with some ideas to keep the game alive and interesting. In this regard, one of the proposals that received the most support from other players was the idea of ​​recycling old content. Yes, it seems that players want to take advantage of past events.

According to some players, certain events and old content packs would be good to “turn things around” and they believe that it will not be too much work for the developers. It’s worth noting that Blizzard has yet to respond to these players’ wishes, but we should have some kind of announcement soon. So if you like the idea of ​​reworking old material in order to continue enjoying the games with Heroes of the Storm, it’s not a bad idea to join forces with other players to make the developers feel compelled. to answer Anyway, it’s worth keeping an eye on the outcome of this story.

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