Fans are creating a remastered version of Streets of Rage 2 to celebrate the game’s 30th anniversary

Arcade classic has been updated to be compatible with current hardware

To commemorate the memory 30 years in Streets of Rage 2Fans have revealed a remastered version of the duplicate “New Era” From the classics Arcade Gives SEGA Compatible with the latest hardware available.

The fan version was engineered in reverse and does not use any kind of emulation. According to the description GazauriNew levels, characters, sounds and graphics can be added to the developer. What is currently available is a kind of demo version with files compatible with operating systems Windows And macOS.

Streets of Rage 2 Remastered Demo Download link

The game is in development

Developer Streets of Rage 2 New Era Constantly updates game-related content. This Wednesday (22), Gazauri Has released a video on YouTube with a stress test of enemies. In the clip you can see that the title seems to behave well with several enemies running simultaneously on the screen and at different stages of the game.

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Gazauri Wants to clarify this by limiting the liability on the main page of the project “New Era”that SEGA It has nothing to do with the remastered version Streets of Rage 2. The developer also specifies that the financial gain will not be realized through the title and that all trademarks, as well as the original game copyrights, belong to SEGA.

The announcement serves both to legally protect itself from being attacked by the content owner of the company, as well as to make it clear to fans of the series that this new version Lateral scroll Fight is not an original product SEGA.

Streets of Rage film development with screenwriter John Wick

Streets of Rage film development with screenwriter John Wick
In the messy alleys full of weird guys we can expect a lot of nonsense

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