Fans are complaining about Monkey Island’s new look and attacking the game’s developer online

Ron Gilbert has decided to shut down his official blog after receiving a series of personal attacks

By revealing the first official trailer Back to Monkey IslandThe game was criticized for its visual style, which is quite different from other titles in the series. While the situation isn’t all that unusual in the gaming world, Writer-director Ron Gilbert says the situation is limitless And that he faces several personal attacks.

Gilbert, who often interacts directly with fans on his official blog, said Decided not to do this anymore and will not continue to share details about the game. “I close the comments. People are just mean and I have to delete comments with personal attacks“, he wrote.

It’s an incredible game and everyone in the team is proud of it. Play or don’t play, but don’t ruin the experience for everyone. I will not bet anything about the game. The joy of sharing has been taken away– continued the director. The position was shared by Dominic ArmatoVoice actor for the hero Guybrush Threepwoodwho announced this on Twitter The comments on Gilbert’s blog crossed the lineS.

Gilbert has previously expressed his frustration with fans.

Return to Monkey Island’s directorial decision is one of a number of criticisms the game has received since its release. in MayHe went so far as to say that while the response from fans of the series was welcome, Under no circumstances will this be used as the basis of the adventure creation process.

According to the director The title is not going to be a retro project and wants to be as bold in the visual part as the first two games TV series were in their time. “Ironically, the people who don’t want me to make this game are some of the die-hard Monkey Island fans. And that’s what bothers me about watching the comments” said Gilbert.

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Shortly after closing comments on your posts, The director has completely deleted the Grumpy Gamer blogwhere he shared his opinions since 2004. The creator is known to maintain a combative relationship with a section of society that Similar decisions have already been made in the past – which always ended with him returning to the Internet.

Back to Monkey Island It was officially opened this year, after passing A A secret development process over the past two years. Posted by ………… Digital returnThe game is scheduled for the end of this year Pracha and no Nintendo SwitchA platform that will have temporary exclusivity among desktop consoles.


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Source: PC Gamer, Eurogamer


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