Fallout Photos show Power Armor and Vault Uniform

Fallout doesn’t begin production until 2022, but some behind-the-scenes photos hint at the series’ setting. Check it out!

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Production throw down Started in July 2022. according to Walton Gogginsthe actor who will play worry, the first day of recording took place on the 19th of the current month. The message posted on Instagram was:

“Day 1 of… FALLOUT… for Amazon. Take a deep breath… breathe out… let’s see how far this path will go”.

Now, just days later, Fallout has received never-before-seen behind-the-scenes photos. In this way, the Amazon Prime Video production revealed the iconic elements of the game franchise: armor. Power Armor This is The shape of the basement. Check:

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The first images of Fallout

What is Fallout?

Fallout is one of the most influential Western RPGs of recent years. Created by the franchisee Bethesda Recorded record sales and received numerous awards Game of the yearwith fall 4. In addition, the world mobile game, Fallout Shelter170 million downloads

In short, Fallout takes place in a dystopian setting in the 22nd century. In the world of the game in 2077, the world was destroyed by a nuclear war. Thus, the survivors lived in underground shelters for years until the planet’s radiation subsided.

cast and production

THE Amazon Prime Video Acquired the rights to adapt Fallout for television. Geneva Robertson-Dvoret and Graham Wagner to sign as the main producers. On the other hand, Jonathan Nolan Responsible for the pilot episode.

There are no other official details regarding Fallout. List only Walton Goggins confirmed. However, according to varietyactor Kyle McLachlan (Twin Peaks), too Aaron Moten (Fighting for faith – Father Stu’s story) and The network is Mendez-Jones (Havoc), have joined the cast of the adaptation.

Finally, there is still no planned release window.

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