Fallout: London is a new game size modification that will be released in 2023

The new video reveals a variety of circumstances in post-apocalyptic London

Bethesda has always been friends with the fashion community in all their games. Thanks to this it is possible to make giant changes that end up being a new game. Fallout: London, The new game-sized mod, built on top of Fallout 4, has got a new trailer showing the various settings, game and release for 2023.

The game has been in production for at least three years and all progress has been published Social networks Fallout 4 Officials Fallout: London will bring you to a large part of the English capital that is open for us to explore and you can see several famous places in Big Ben and the London Eye trailer.

The super ambitious project has a team of amateur and professional developers creating the game. One of them was even hired at Bethesda. Stephanie Zakariadis was in charge of the game script and is now part of the Bethesda team.

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Fallout: London features famous voices such as actors from the British science fiction series Doctor Who, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy. Actors were even asked to vote for Liam Neeson and Ron Perlman, but refused the job.

Fallout 5 is still a long way off and more modifications are being made

Fallout 4 was released in 2015, then Fallout 76 arrived three years later and it looks like the game has just reached acceptable condition. However, the fifth major title in the series will take a long time, as Todd Howard, director of Bethesda, said the game will be released only after The Elder Scrolls 6, which is still in the early stages of development. Also, the team is focused on Starfield.

Meanwhile, other Fallout: London-level modifications are being made by fans. Fallout: Vault 13 Another ambitious project. This refers to the remake of the franchise’s first title, but within the engine of creating Fallout 4.

Fallout: Miami, as the name suggests, is another modification of Fallout 4 in a tropical American city. This project takes longer to develop than Fallout: London and has no release date.


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