Fallout 25 and Fallout 76 are free on various platforms and services

Bethesda promises more news about the franchise later this month

One of Bethesda’s biggest franchises, Fallout turns 25 years old. The first title came in 1997 as a PC RPG. Today, the franchise has several titles, is multiplayer Fallout 76 was released last. The game will be free to play from October 4th to October 11th on various platforms.

Fallout 76 and its new update, “The Pitt,” will be free on all platforms the game was released on: PC, Game station 4 and Xbox One.

“In October 1997, players were introduced to the post-nuclear world of Fallout and its memorable characters, radioactive monsters, impactful dialogue and a reminder that war… war never changes.”

25 years later, the Fallout series is one of the best-selling franchises that not only helped define PC role-playing games and created titles for multiple generations of consoles, but has also expanded into board games and even a TV series already in production. Join us as we celebrate Fallout’s landmark year all October long!”

Fallout 76 on Amazon Prime Gaming and Xbox Game Pass

Amazon Prime subscribers will be able to redeem Fallout 76 for PC now through November 1 through Prime Gaming. Those who subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will be able to try out the game until October 24 through Microsoft’s subscription service Xbox Game Pass Advantages.

Fallout Shelter, a mobile title, will receive its first update in four years. The mobile game welcomes “the threat of aliens in a new questline with new enemies. Fight with new weapons, gather new inhabitants and decorate the Vault with a festive theme.”

“This month is going to be a bomb for Fallout fans, and this time you won’t need a Hideout to hide in. We can’t wait to see you at our 25th anniversary!” – said Bethesda on its official website.

Fallout: London is a new game size mod that will be released in 2023

Fallout: London is a new game size mod that will be released in 2023
The new video reveals a variety of settings in post-apocalyptic London


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