Fall Guys will be free on June 21; PS5 version confirmed

This was reported by Mediatonic Autumn boys The game will be free on June 21st.

PS4 users who have a paid version will be compensated with a variety of cosmetics and free access to this first season premium pass (a season that will bring several new features to the gameplay). There will be a free pass for all players as well.

Besides, Autumn boys It will also be released on the PS5 in the native version on June 21, as well as the Switch, Xbox One and Xbox series. There will be cross-play and cross-progression on all platforms (including PS4 and PC).

You will not need a PlayStation Plus membership to play online in this new version Autumn boys.

Crowns will no longer exist as in-game coins, only glory. The crowns you own (and unspent) can be transformed into a hat.

It was also found that a Level Editor It is evolving.

See the trailer for the free version below.

The text below was posted on the Brazilian PlayStation.Blog.

It’s like this: Fall Guys will be free for everyone and a cross game from June 21, with a new version of PS5 that enhances the action of clumsy beans.

But before we talk about the new one, let’s get back to the beginning a bit … Do you believe we released Fall Guys in August 2020? A lot has happened in these two years, including an amazing collaboration and a massive game change. I think Squads mode was the biggest improvement in the game so far. This brought a new way of playing with groups without a permanent departure, as someone on the developer team was knocked out in the first round (I will not name names here). It feels wonderful to share the joy of winning with all the friends who watch!

Approaching the first anniversary of Fall Guys’s release was a special moment. It was a great honor for people to take an interest in our Bean Obstacles game. But the loyal and passionate community that celebrated the year of achievements at Fall Guys was amazing. Developing is never an easy task, but I’m very proud of how the team has been able to maintain and improve the game since day one.

What’s new?

დენHow much time do you have? We have A lot New features, obstacles, rounds and more are added to Fall Guys this new season.

My new favorite feature in the game really is Blast Balls! We on the design team were looking for new ways to do the final rounds, which would give players more freedom to chase each other and create clever strategy games. The Blast Balls managed to do that, while remaining true to the Fall Guys core. The matches are fun, physics based and perfect for marking clips.

We are also adding several new rounds including Hex-a-Ring. It is basically a version of Hex-a-Gone thrown into a spinning tube. You have to keep moving in layers of blocks, you can not fall off the rotating floor And Can not fail! I would be lying if I said that a lot of our team was good in this round but I can’t wait to see the public figures when they experience it.

Planned by some pretty crazy collaborators, we can’t wait for everyone to try it out! For more news and upcoming collaboration teasers, stay tuned to our social channels.

I can’t count on all the new features that will be available next season, but I am happy to share with you some of the amazing technical features of the PS5 that are coming.

Now for the technical details

We are very pleased to bring amazing features to Fall Guys for PS5 players.

First of all, we are happy to tell you that we will be using improved physics and asset processing in 4K, which means Fall Guys will reach 60 FPS in 4K on PS5 from June 21st. This is very important to us. Imagine beans wearing each colorful suit and spinning in 4K resolution. It will be spectacular!

Our Tonicteam team is experimenting with something fun with the DualSense wireless controller tactile feedback to add to the game in the future. Dan Parkes, one of our audio engineers, has added an amazing feature where the controller starts vibrating when you approach the crown. This is subtle, but it exacerbates the tension when you reach the last few feet of Autumn Mountain and the Lost Temple.

We are also working on direct access to Fall Guys for the PS5, linking certain sections of the Fall Guys menu to quick tasks. This means you can switch to main show, Duo, Trio and Squad modes from the main menu. გრამBut do not despair. You will not enter the match until you have confirmed that you want to load the match.

Many awards

As a token of gratitude to all Fall Guys players, everyone who downloaded and played Fall Guys before June 21 will be eligible for the cult award. We did not want to spoil the surprise, but one Pegvin told me that it included a Veggie Dog costume. And Fitz dwarf…

We also run a pre-registration campaign that aims to unlock really cool rewards for the public. For more information on pre-registering for free in everyone mode, visit @FallGuysGame on Twitter.

It was a fantastic journey, but I’m excited to see so many new players join Blunderdome Fall Guys: Free for All on June 21st.

Thanks to everyone who enjoyed Fall Guys along the way. It was very gratifying to see how the community grew and supported the game. It was a wonderful work of love and we all look forward to sharing our silly bean game with the rest of the world.

See you at Blunderdome!

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