Fall Guys will be free from June 21st

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, Mediatonic’s elimination round Battle Royale, will be even more fun. In addition to becoming a free title from June 21, there will be crossplay and progress between the PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC.

The news of the game was broadcast live on the YouTube channel. The developers called this announcement the biggest in the history of the game – That you will no longer need PS Plus to play online. Watch the video below:

In addition, Mediatonic has announced an optimized version of Fall Guys for the PS5. Battle royale, reminiscent of Faustao Olympics in 4K and 60 FPS, will run on Sony’s next-generation console.

We must remember: the game check will change to PS4, so it’s good to download the new version available on the PS Store to enjoy all of this when booking this game with friends.

And who already had Fall Guys?

Anyone who has already purchased a previously purchased version of Fall Guys will receive in-game benefits. The Legacy Pack will be offered for free to those who have already played with the “jellybeans” before the title became free.

In addition to character skins, veterans will have the right to use the Battle Pass and cosmetics to search for the much-coveted crown in the parade.

Season 1 Battle Pass – starting June 21 – Fall Guys will have 100 levels to unlock. As gamers progress, new costumes and other accessories will be available to make your own custom jelly.

It will be possible to build your own arenas in Fall Guys

Besides being free, can it get better? Yes! Now society can create its own scenarios with traps and everything it has the right to. This way, Battle Royale fans will be able to show their creativity and try it out while playing with friends.

Fall Guys build mode

More news along the way

In a PS blog post, Mediatonic designer Joe Walsh promised to implement more strategically interesting rounds for the final rounds of Fall Guys.

My new favorite feature in the game really is Blast Balls! We on the design team were looking for new ways to do the final rounds, which would give players more freedom to chase each other and create clever strategy games.

In addition to Blast Balls, the Hex-a-Ring Round will also be part of the available modes:

It is basically a version of Hex-a-Gone thrown into a spinning tube. You have to keep moving in layers of blocks, you can not fall off the rotating floor And Can not fail!

To make the game more contactable with fans in the future, Walsh said he has a special partnership along the way, but did not disclose what they are. Are you ready to assemble a gang? Mark June 21 in your calendar!

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