Fall Guys, one of the big surprises of 2020, will become a free gaming option and will win versions for Switch and Xone ⋆

Released in August 2020, Autumn boys “Out of Nowhere” and soon became a very popular game that achieved the status of a phenomenon. The game was one of the big surprises of that year and managed to accommodate its developer! MediatonicIn the evidence. Then, last year, the studio bought it Epic games And promised some changes. Yes, these changes were announced yesterday, May 16, with confirmation that the game will become a free gaming option… Let’s better understand this story?

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A few days ago the people of Mediatonic posted a “teaser” on the internet stating that a big announcement will be made on May 16th. As promised, we had a special presentation (which you can see in full below this post) in which it was confirmed that the game will move to Free-To-Play format from June 21, on all platforms. Moreover, as with the glories Rocket League (When it becomes a free game), the title will be loaded with season points, new season passes, and new items.

Mediatonic developers have also confirmed that the game will win versions for the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. These releases will come with the transition to a new model of monetization on the same day (June 21). Finally, we have confirmed that the PC version of the game will no longer be available to new players via Steam. That is, those who have bought the game in the past, will play without any problems, but those who want to have fun after changing the format, will be able to do so only through the Epic Games Store. In short, one of the biggest surprises of 2020, the Big Fall Guys, is about to enter a “new phase” and all indications are that more players will be able to enjoy the dispute very soon.

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