Facebook talks Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard at CADE

Thanks to the Brazilian Public Administration’s transparency process, we can take a closer look at Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard. Our regulatory body for this type of business is the so-called WHERE IS. What’s interesting is that we get to see how each company fares on the biggest acquisition in gaming history.

Like Google, Ubisoft, Apple and many others Facebook (goal) Continued position that such acquisitionDon’t set up a monopolyoe does not limit the options in the market. So check out some additional snippets below:

Question from CADE:

To the best of your company’s knowledge, which are the main game developers/publishers that compete with Microsoft and Activision Blizzard in (i) global and (ii) national scenarios (from a Brazilian consumer perspective)? Note, in your answer, gamers who can produce games that are considered “AAA” by the industry, thus understand titles that require greater investment in production and marketing.

Facebook’s response:

Meta understands that electronic game publishing and development is intensely competitive, attracting a wide range of players who compete globally. In addition to Microsoft and Activision Blizzard, key developers/publishers include, but are not limited to:

● Bandai Namco;
● Capcom;
● Electronic Arts;
● catch;
● epic games;
● Konami;
● NetEase;
● Nintendo;
● Riot Games;
● Sega;
● Sony Interactive Entertainment;
● Square Enix;
● Take-Two Interactive;
● Tencent;
● Ubisoft;
● valve;
● Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment;
● Xbox Game Studios; and
● Zynga.

To Meta’s knowledge, all of these publishers have AAA titles in their portfolio and/or are capable of producing AAA titles.

Question from CADE:

In your company’s opinion, does Activision Blizzard publish any title(s) that, based on their features and specifications, do not have close competitors published by other companies in the gaming industry? How many)?

Facebook’s response:

Meta is always working to bring new titles to its platform and build relationships with publishers and developers. [ACESSO RESTRITO]. The electronic games sector is highly dynamic and competitive, with an abundance of content produced by several developers (see point 8 above) and a constant influx of new players (see point 7 above). [ACESSO RESTRITO].

Facebook seems to have excelled favorable The acquisition of Microsoft Xbox and that this should not limit access to games as it is easy for new competitors to enter this market and that there are many developers who can provide AAA (high budget) games.

Another interesting detail is that CADE wants to know which Activision Blizzard games are “essential” for the market, and Facebook again replies that it does not exist, it is a diverse market and therefore “Call of Duty” The social media giant was not even mentioned in the document. therefore Facebook disputes Sony Playstation allegations Which says that Call of Duty is something that has no competitors and it is an unshakable genre in itself that creates a monopoly.


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