F1 Manager 2022 will be released for PlayStation, Xbox and PC on August 25th

Frontier Developments has announced that it will release F1 Manager 2022 on PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One and PC (Steam and Epic Games Store) on August 25th.

Watch the new trailer posted below with lots of new information via the PS blog.

The Frontier Developments team is very excited about working on a sports title whose popularity is only growing. With a new generation of drivers, exciting stories and sensational action taking the F1 track to new heights, we are delighted to offer everyone the chance to enter this exciting world of motorsport.

More and more people are interested not only in F1 cars and drivers, but in teams as a whole and in the process that leads to the incredible performance we see in the circle. Using the Frontier experience to create a deep, differentiated and rewarding management experience, we show players everything they need to lead a successful builder and then hand over the key to the team leader.

If you are developing a racing strategy for your drivers, using your budget to expand your equipment and developing a car, if you are exploring a real-world database of drivers and employees to attract new talent, the fate of your team will depend entirely on you. .

As you can see, there are many elements in F1 Manager 2022 – so many that it does not even fit in one post! For the time being, we will explain a little more about the role you will play on the racing weekend. As a team leader, in addition to spending a lot of time on issues beyond the circle, you will also control a variety of factors within the F1 tracks – all within the framework of an authentic, broadcast-quality experience that allows you to watch drama from everyone. Angle ..

Implementation of action

Every F1 racing weekend starts with practice sessions, on Fridays. This time is valuable to prepare the team, especially the drivers, for the weekend. Just like in real sports, in F1 Manager 2022 your cars on the track will be able to collect data every time and turn the odds in your favor.

During the three training periods, evaluate the performance of your vehicles, increase the drivers’ familiarity with the circuit and the new parts you have installed, and receive feedback on your vehicle installation. Because your team will also have a backup driver slot, you will be able to put this driver in one car for a training session, which will help you improve their performance.

The Art of the Fastest Circle

The competition here is fiercer. F1 qualifying sessions define the race network and any fall can seriously hinder your best ideal strategy for the week. The purpose of the qualification is to give drivers the best chance to record the fastest times – which is easier said than done…

With nine more teams fighting to avoid elimination, your task will be to make sure your cars are on the road at the right time. Once you have selected the tires and fuel load, you will need to watch the session timer, assess traffic on the track, grip levels and even weather conditions to avoid unforeseen events. If you are able to do this and your drivers are confident thanks to training, you have a great chance of qualifying for a good position.

Racing Day: Strategies for Success

Good results in a qualifying session indicate good preparation for Sunday racing, but that is not all. Use the data and knowledge gained to develop a racing strategy for drivers, including pit stops, tire selection, and even effort levels on each leg.

Throughout the F1 Manager 2022 track, you’ll get plenty of information and options, in authentic transmission style, to keep track of everything that happens. Switch between on-board and on-track cameras for each car, watch them all live, keep track of track conditions, and more to help get your team to the finish line. Ask racing engineers to give drivers specific instructions, such as riding tires, not crossing curbs, and avoid competing with teammates. In the real world, many drivers and engineers have real audio calls in F1 Manager 2022 that you can hear in action.

Your racing strategy can be adjusted at any time – which can be critical, as each race can bring unforeseen events to which your team leaders must respond. From a sudden downpour to an accident that causes a car safety, a reliability problem or even a red flag to stop a race, you need to know how to quickly adapt to your approach. Deal with all of this and use all the options we have barely started describing here, and maybe you will be able to finish the event with your drivers celebrating on the podium.

Make all decisions in F1 Manager 2022

Drawing the road to fame on race weekends is just the beginning for you as a team leader in F1 Manager 2022. Between races, you will be responsible for expanding your team’s GQ, developing new car parts, keeping the team motivated, finding and hiring great talent, keeping the board happy and much, much more.

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