F1 Manager 2022 Review

I haven’t seen a company put on a new franchise for a long time. Over the years we’ve had several examples of games that were born raw, or that still needed tweaking.

my expectation F1 Manager 2022 It wasn’t high, especially since I was citing new challenges in the gaming market. But as I started watching the first videos Border developmentThe hype began to change.

I already knew the company for making good games like in the series attraction, Planet Zoo, Dangerous elite and Jurassic World evolution 2. This was a great sign that the title could work.

From Bernie Ecclestone to Frank Williams

In F1 Manager 2022, the player commands the owner of the largest motorsport team in the world. Founded in 1950, the category has seen great stars, but also great leaders.

Your goal is to take your team of riders to the top of the podium. And for that, you’ll have a range of abilities, attributes and strategies to pursue on and off the slopes.

It is very important that you feel the world of F1. This will help a lot with what you can do in the game. Beyond the asphalt, everything is thought out. From sponsors to future car parts.

And don’t think it stops there. It will be necessary for both drivers to think about race strategies, negotiate prizes and even scout and find future promises and stars on the track.

Throughout all these dependencies, each team has a board that oversees everything that is done. But the formula is simple. Do what needs to be done and they will hardly bother you.

As I said above, there are some preparations to be made before the races. But don’t think that you just have to monitor what your drivers are doing in the race. There are many there.

One of them is a design project. You can make parts for your car in it. Each of them has a different effect. That is, each of them affects your car in some way.

For this, it will be necessary to adjust the budget for the production time, perform technical tests to improve the performance of each part, etc. Everything should be well thought out so as not to waste time.

At the beginning of your adventure as a Scuderia boss, parts production may not be that great. However, after the first year of competition, they will greatly affect the strength of your team.

The cool thing is that the development of the opponents will also be followed so that you don’t fall behind so much over the years.

Car turbo charging

Shall we continue the story of the pieces? I focus on this topic because a good knowledge of them will be essential for a promising future in the main category of motorsport.

The fact that the game is translated and dubbed into Portuguese helps a lot. This has already been done halfway to give the team leader even more control over everything that happens in the game.

Parts have a big impact on improving the car. Focus your development on such important elements as side fences that improve engine cooling and maximum acceleration of the car.

Do not leave the floor work, which directly interferes with medium and high speed and acceleration of the car.

It is worth noting that the team is also improving the production of parts. For this to happen, your team must produce more and more parts, and this directly affects their performance.

You can still take care of your team’s objects. Employee rooms and parts development centers end up being demeaning and can harm the desired end result of the race or employee satisfaction.

Maximum immersion

As difficult as unwanted ingredients may seem, rest assured. After a few hours you will have everything under control. Just do a great job describing everything that happens in the game.

It may seem like it’s just another manager like many others, but don’t worry. At least because the focus of the game should be inside the track. And this is what happens and where F1 Manager 2022 starts to shine.

During the race you command your two drivers and you can do everything with them. Change the racing strategy, tire choice and car aerodynamics.

It is worth noting that it is necessary to do all this during the three free practice sessions, as it is necessary to know what the pilot thought about the changes. If you decide to make changes without knowing what actually happens in practice, your driver will perform poorly on the track.

Within the race you take care of everything. This prevents the pilot from steering, which can be more conservative or aggressive. It shows you the right time to use richer fuel and even the best time to use it ERS.

Everything must be well thought out and studied, based on the opponents on the track and their clock resistance. It should be remembered that everything affects the general appearance of the car.

If you drive faster, the tire will get hotter. If you use more fuel, you may miss the last leg of the race.

And the coolest thing is that if your options don’t work, a pit stop can change the entire final outcome of the race. All dives would be impossible if we didn’t have good camera settings. And this is where F1 Manager 2022 shines.

The ability to run on a TV broadcast camera is a key point to feel like you’re in the race. It was probably the biggest hit of the game.

Not everything is flowers

If practically all the ingredients of the game make the immersion and entertainment spectacular, there is one point that needs to be improved: gameplay and physics.

In many moments it is noticeable that the fight for positions is far from reality and that in some cases the options for changing the strategy take a long time, for the negative or for the positive side.

A bit more substance was missing from the dub. You will quickly memorize all the lines in the game, which can ruin the fun a bit.

Sometimes I had a hard time understanding why my car couldn’t

Back to the track during qualifying practice. After talking to a few friends, I realized the problem was a broken part that wasn’t reported.

The game is also very simple, only having the option to play career mode. Have you ever thought about setting up classic cars?


F1 Manager 2022 It’s brilliant. It just doesn’t get a 10 for minor reported issues, many of which can be fixed with some updating.

For real racing fans who do not have great skills behind the wheel, the purchase is correct.

For those who love racing but also enjoy the world of motorsport.

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