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F1 22 is the new official game of the Formula 1 championship, which will start on July 1. Developed by Codemasters and distributed by EA Sports, the game is available on PlayStation 5 (PS5), Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox One and PC on Steam or Epic Games Store Via. Among the novelties are the addition of the new Miami Speedway and Sprint races, small qualifying races that have just taken place in the real championship.

O. TechTudo He had access to the game before and the impressions were positive. However, the price is not the lowest: in the new generation it is necessary to invest 339 R $, while players of previous consoles can buy the game for 299 $. Price for PC is lower: 249 R $. The Champions Edition, R $ 398.90, gives early access for three days, with availability starting this Tuesday (28). Next, check out the major news and impressions about F1 22.

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Miami New Hippodrome Introduced at F1 2022 – Photo: Reproduction / Rubens Achilles

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New racetrack and sprint races

One of the major innovations of F1 22 is the presence of the Miami Racecourse. In the new season, the circle is difficult with its tight corners and wide stripes. There are a total of 19 curves and 3 DRS zones (sections where mobile wing is allowed). Players who take advantage of the annual game to live close to the championship experience will find a reason to invest in the game here.

In addition to the new circuit, there are significant changes to three other racetracks at F1 22. The Spanish, Australian and Abu Dhabi tracks have been redesigned in some sections, aiming to get even closer to the original circles.

Another interesting point for fans of the category is the addition of sprint races, or sprint races. This is a small qualifying race that took place on Saturday, Sunday before the final Grand Prix. The mode was added to the official championship in 2021, but was not in play that year. It is now possible to participate in a full weekend of practice, qualification, sprint racing and racing.

F1 Life is a virtual hub for F1 2022 – Photo: Reproduction / Rubens Achilles

F1 Life mode is one of the new features of the game in 2022. The space acts as a virtual hub for the player, housing his supercars, trophies and accessories that can be purchased through in-game challenges. Supercars are sports models from automakers such as Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes and Aston Martin. They can be used on tracks in some specific modes, such as Pirelli’s Fast Laps and Traditional Time Trial.

Supercars presented at F1 2022 – Photo: Reproduction / Rubens Achilles

Already established career mode returns, with the ability to play on a split screen with a friend, or even manage an entire team. As in previous years, the game allows you to create a character that can start in Formula 2 or directly in Formula 1 and take the place of one of the real drivers. My Team Mode now lets you choose performance and starting budget from three options.

TV broadcast details included in F1 2022 – Photo: Reproduction / Rubens Achilles

For those who like to see similarities between sports games and real TV shows, F1 22 is an important step forward for the franchise. At specific moments, such as pit stops, rehearsals and presentation circles, some of the camera angles and screen graphics are very reminiscent of what we usually see on TV. The change is welcome, but even more can be expected in the future.

F1 22 seeks to maintain real-life changes by updating the aerodynamics of cars and tires. In addition, there are small changes in the rules of the game, which were already expected. As for artificial intelligence, there is now a so-called adaptive AI that promises to reflect the speed and competitiveness of opponents based on their position in the race rankings.

F1 2022 satisfied with the new scheme, but the price is high – Photo: Reproduction / Rubens Achilles

Within days of the gameplay, F1 22 turned out to be another good launch for the franchise. The gameplay changes were not obvious, but the updates to the schemes and rules are an interesting attraction for the category fans. However the price is high: if you already have a previous edition like the F1 21, and are not interested in these small details, it might be worth expecting some promotion later.

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