F1 22 Main features of trailer details; watching

The new trailer for F1 22, released on Tuesday (31), details the key features of the Codemasters game. With realistic management mechanics, in-depth campaign mode, and an optimized AI system, the title promises to make the most of the immersive simulation.

F1 22 will be updated in Spain, Australia, Abu Dhabi and Miami with updated scenarios and dimensions based on the latest edition of the tournament. All cars will have improvements in physics and can experience an improved game where the feeling of speed is extended to all aspects of driving.

In addition, the broadcast function will be accompanied by the player in all sections and includes new camera placement, broadcast commentary and real-time racing information. Pit stops will be more dynamic, with the potential to impact the outcome of the race, especially if mechanics make mistakes when changing tires.

Source: EA

The game will also have an exercise program for beginners and many access features that will be acceptable even to those who are not in demand for good simulators. Artificial intelligence can also adapt to three difficulty modes and must deliver challenges at height, requiring constant attention and improvisation.

F1 Sprint and F1 Life

Introduced in F21 2021, F1 Sprint racing is back in F1 22 and there will be new additions along with stunning racing day moments such as warm-up laps, safety car entry and pit stops. This category is based on charts of up to 100 km, with significantly reduced time and will be placed on specific maps that have not yet been published.


The main point of the title is F1 Life mode. In it, players will have personalized career management experience and be able to customize their drivers, offices and supercars. Life will act as a multiplayer hub where all the statistical information is presented, allowing you to see trophies, accessories and results in events.

F1 22 will be released on July 1 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC.

Miami gameplay in F1 22

A video recently released by Electronic Arts revealed the news about the Miami Grand Prix at F1 22. The images detail the 20 laps of the circuit and show the entire design of the franchise’s new track. Click here to find out more.

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