F1 22: Is it worth it?

F1 22 unfortunately does not have the same impact as F1 2021. There is a noticeable difference in cars, new category rules have been added and the gameplay remains sensational as it always was in the Codemasters franchise. But it seems to show signs of time. That the “new era” announced for the game has not come and should come.

Clearly, developers have had to put a lot of effort into redesigning cars that are very different this F1 season – except for Miami’s new circle and upgrades in Spain, Australia and Abu Dhabi. And the results of the effort are incredible. But it was “just that.”

The environment is still beautiful, with amazing cars and landscapes, but the human visual is not as fascinating as before. The promised news is more or less, VR works only on the computer and “off-track”, ie “off-track” is not a big deal. It takes uplifting and inspiration to be closer than you think.

Time signs

F1 Life is another addition to the EA Sports game that allows players to spend money on cosmetics. Offering designer item stores such as Anti Social Club and Puma and other brands, it allows you to create a created character in a way never seen before in a franchise. In addition, it is possible to create your own headquarters, with an exhibition of cars, various furniture, etc. Just too superficial.

Unlocking passenger cars is pretty cool in F1 22 (Photo: Reproduction / Thiago Barros)

There are no different animations and players can even visit each other’s spaces, but without major interactions. Sounds like an interesting start, but it’s true. At first, you think it’s good to install your space, but then you forget about its existence. Otherwise, you will return just to admire the cups you have won in your career and the area on display.

Part of the microtransaction is not limited to this store alone. There is also a sort of Battle Pass, with items that come out for free and others only for those who pay VIP. Again, that’s nothing new when we talk about EA Sports, right?

Famous microtransactions ... in F1 22!  (Photo: Reproduction / Thiago Barros)
Famous microtransaction… in F1 22! (Photo: Reproduction / Thiago Barros)

In the game sink there are a few details that bother you. For example: started a career with a driver at McLaren in the evaluations carried out. And the team’s reaction to the poles and victories was completely feeble, as if it were a Ferrari or Red Bull. There seems to be a unique communication and scene script for any team and it takes a lot of fun. Who saw Travel to Survival on Netflix Knows what it’s like to celebrate in an outsider team that celebrates a good result.

Radio communication, even before the race, is also sometimes a bit odd. There was a case where the created pilot came from two podiums in a row and started on the pole in this race. The message before the race was: “We will still try to be in the top ten”. it does not matter. So despite the Portuguese localization and the overall content of our language, the lines are always the same and the game scenes, too, are somewhat frustrating.

Lack of sinking in F1 22 career mode (Photo: Reproduction / Thiago Barros)
Lack of sinking in F1 22 career mode (Photo: Reproduction / Thiago Barros)

Not to mention that the career, while still the best experience in the game, seems a bit robotic, lifeless. It has nice additions like upgrading parts, and the ability to do free workouts without going off the track by choosing your car upgrades. But it lacks that more creative, more cinematic feel. Most of them Scenes, More interaction, more challenge. For example, you may have competitors but have no contact with them.

Let’s turn once again to Netflix’s famous documentary series: See how cool it is paddock Racing on the weekends? F1 Life and career mode should be about just that. Do you remember the braking point from the last game? So… he could have developed and developed something amazing. But did not even return.

More real and affordable than ever; You choose

Now, The gameplay is undeniable. Especially since F1 22 is more affordable than any other game in the series. This is thanks to the new adaptive artificial intelligence available in random competition mode. Customers can choose the difficulty of other riders. In Normal they follow as usual, but in Full they will be configured according to the human pilot skills.

The Miami Circle was amazing at F1 22 (Photo: Reproduction / Thiago Barros)
The Miami Circle was amazing at F1 22 (Photo: Reproduction / Thiago Barros)

That is, by choosing a random mode you reduce the complexity and severity of FIA penalties and you can turn assistants in the car. And within that, you can customize how drivers should behave. For beginners or those who just do not have the patience to play such a simulator, this is a miracle. And if you are a heavier virtual pilot, he also has all the options to demonstrate your talent.

This flexibility began in F1 2021 when EA Sports merged with Codemasters and has now grown. Like what happened to the UFC Games when they were out of THQ and moved in with FIFA developer Madden and Co. On the whole, the idea is not to stop the games from having simulators, but to give them to those who do not have all the skills to play at this level, or just do not want to, also have fun.

Careers with low investment teams are legal in F1 22 (Photo: Reproduction / Thiago Barros)
Careers with low investment teams are legal in F1 22 (Photo: Reproduction / Thiago Barros)

And there is no shortage of options for doing so. Traditional career with driver, MyTeam team driving (and there are also three different difficulty options), new experience with passenger cars, fast offline racing, local split screen, online competitions, even F2 will show up… If you like Formula 1, F1 for 22 hours Have fun. Because even though it is a game that shows signs of the need for revolution, it still gives a Flawless gameplay.

The most fun is to create a team in career mode. The analysis established MeuPS Racing, with drivers Thiago Barros and Michael Schumacher, with a Ferrari engine and in anticipation of a fight for the title. Yes, it is possible for Formula 1 legends (including Ayrton Senna and Felipe Massa) to be teammates on the team, something very cool. In this mode, you will sign contracts with sponsors, control the evolution of the team, and carry out broader management of the team. Pretty cool.

Pleasure, MeuPS Racing F1 22 (Photo: Reproduction / Thiago Barros)
Pleasure, MeuPS Racing F1 22 (Photo: Reproduction / Thiago Barros)

Okay, there are some flaws here and there, mostly visual (there were moments when the champagne on the catwalk became totally deformed white) and some breakdowns, but the technical performance is also good. The new soundtrack is nice, everything is updated as it should be … at least what is expected from the game in the series.

F1 22: Is it worth it?

Judging F1 22 is not easy. Is it worth it? He always counts. But, for the first time in a long time, he gives the impression that a new era is about to happen – and, contrary to what the game promo says, he did not come to that title. If on the tracks we clearly see a different time when young drivers hold the reins, everything in the game is the same again.

The gameplay remains stellar as well as the visuals of the cars and circuits, and that’s probably what really matters, right? It has never been so good in this regard and the work of the creators who are responsible for adapting to the new rules of the game, creating new car models and updating the tracks (Making Miami from scratch – and it looks great!)

On the other hand, the taste is more uniform. Life is lacking. Interaction is lacking. Connection missing. Creativity is lacking. It lacks the Formula 1 atmosphere that everyone has fallen in love with while watching Netflix in recent years. It lacks a more realistic look for real pilots and for those you can create (there are very few customization options).

Ultimately, F1 22 delivers what is expected.

But maybe it’s time to wait …

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