F1 22 and annual deduction trap

F1 22 is the latest installment in the Formula 1-based racing franchise, the 15th title in the Codemasters-developed series and the second since the studio was acquired by EA in 2021. In terms of fidelity, it contains all the changes of the FIA. (Federation Internationale de Automobilismo), in cars, drivers and tracks.

F1 22 (Credit: Disclosure/Codemasters/Electronic Arts)

As we already have a full review Techblog, this article only points out what’s new in the game, what hasn’t changed, and mostly the annual release policy, which can be both a blessing and a curse; in a specific case F1 22The game takes place on the border of two territories.

what’s new F1 22

Changes were immediately made to the cars to reflect changes mandated by the FIA ​​for 2022, such as the return of ground effects, which changed the cars’ aerodynamics, and the use of 18-inch tires to increase stability. .

On the track, we have the return of the Miami circuit, as well as changes to the Barcelona-Catalunya (Spain), Albert Park (Australia) and Yas Marina (Abu Dhabi) layouts, all after the 2022 season.

F1 22 (Credit: Reproduction/Codemasters/Electronic Arts)

F1 22 (Credit: Reproduction/Codemasters/Electronic Arts)

Technically, some note that a change in car models that are slightly wider could have the opposite effect of what the FIA ​​has suggested for real races, increasing the chance of overtaking. In F1 22Running one successfully became a bit more difficult.

An interesting news was the inclusion of sports supercars. It is possible to participate in several challenges that are not locked behind microtransactions, driving the most desirable cars in the world from manufacturers such as Ferrari, Aston Martin, McLaren, Mercedes-Benz, etc. You can even drive safety vehicles.

There are speed challenges, drift And much more, and you will feel like a test driver who will step deep into the supercar on the official tracks of Formula 1. This was a clear attempt by EA to fight the competition. Forza Horizon 5 and Gran Turismo 7But on your terms.

Some say... (Credit: Reproduction/Codemasters/Electronic Arts)

Some say… (Credit: Reproduction/Codemasters/Electronic Arts)

That said, the F1 Life mode, which EA and Codemasters are promoting as the big news, is just an art gallery, or rather a way to show off your supercar collection, modify your LoungeAnd replace your original pilot.

Another interesting innovation is the Immersive Pit-Stop mode, which puts the control of entry into the pits in the hands of the player. if you are bad time allocationYour team can make technical mistakes that cost you precious seconds. To avoid this, it is possible to improve the capabilities of your team with the resources obtained. in the gamewhich makes it more efficient.

Everything is not flowers and its downside F1 22 I was most worried about the removal of Story mode or “Braking Point”. in the present F1 2021 (is F1 2019but in career mode), this was a similar narrative content to past games in the FIFA series where you followed the trajectory of Formula 2 driver Aiden Jackson.

According to Codemasters Senior Creative Director Lee Mather, the developer puts a lot of effort into developing Story Mode, so it’s technically impossible to release one chapter a year. According to him, “turning on a story once every two years is a manageable pace,” so it should return F1 23.

What hasn’t changed

graphics package F1 22 It is practically the same as F1 2021Lightly polished and varnished to look new. Animations of circuits, podium, starting grid are the same. The overall look hasn’t changed much either, even with the next-gen console version and the most demanding PC tweaks. Nevertheless, visually the game is still pretty good.

F1 22 (Credit: Reproduction/Codemasters/Electronic Arts)

F1 22 (Credit: Reproduction/Codemasters/Electronic Arts)

The gameplay has been tweaked to reflect the regulation changes, but there’s nothing out of this world here. The player now only has career and supercar challenges as offline modes while the rest are online.

In my opinion, F1 22 There is vanilla ice cream with a different syrup, but without it Toppings the hottest Oh really…

Is it worth the annual investment?

This is the million dollar question. It is not surprising that over the years, developers have done their best to take advantage of franchises that have the potential to be renewed every year, in which sports and motorsports titles are the most obvious, to keep up with the changes and innovations of the seasons.

EA has long had exclusive deals with FIFA, which recently lapsed, and the NFL. The FIA/Formula 1 has returned to its portfolio thanks to the acquisition of Codemasters, which finally serves as compensation for the end of the direct partnership with the football federation.

F1 22 (Credit: Reproduction/Codemasters/Electronic Arts)

However, the global financial crisis has taken its toll, and many have questioned whether it’s wise to spend the cost of AAA every year just to drive the latest cars, or to play with the most up-to-date lineup possible. of teams and leagues, which not everyone considers justified.

Konami realized this and tried to transform the series FOOT in eFootball 2022, Game as a Service (GaaS), but such an approach has its own problems. EA, as far as it is concerned, discusses the concept of seasonality FIF… sorry, 2023 edition EA Sports FC.

F1 22 It’s in the middle. The FIA ​​makes changes every year for the season to increase competitiveness and reduce the differences between teams. The latest is the stuff seasonality advocates use to justify the game’s existence. On the other hand, many felt the removal of Story mode, Career is now the only single player game mode available; F1 Life is nothing more than a gallery mode and the ability to drive sports cars is an average option.

For casual players, F1 2021 and F1 22 They’re not that different, in fact, the latest one suffers from less content. On the other hand, Formula 1 fans may be happy with the changes introduced to try to reflect the real world in the game.

Ultimately, the answer is “it depends.” If that’s what you’re looking for F1 22Loyalty or more content.

F1 22 – data sheet

  • Platforms — PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One, and Windows (reviewed on PS5, copy provided by Electronic Arts);
  • Developer — Codemasters;
  • Distributor — Electronic Arts;
  • Rating system — free.

Strong points:

  • Career mode reflects the current Formula 1 season;
  • Supercar challenges are fun.


  • Goodbye Story Mode;
  • From recycled graphics packages F1 2021.

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