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If there’s one game genre I’m passionate about, it’s sports. It was always difficult to separate it from my profession and everything I experienced as a child. And Formula 1 games are one of the ones I’ve enjoyed the most in the last decade.

The story began many years ago Super Monaco GP. But you have to think: why is all this history necessary a little about this analysis? Because we arrived in 1998, when it was wonderful F-1 World Grand PrixNGoing to 64.

This title appealed to me spectacularly, primarily because it revolutionized what we came up with before these titles. And second, because I’ve been looking for a game on the market for a long time that would give me the same feeling.

F1 22 is among us, still with the Codemasters DNA that somewhat revolutionized racing in the category. Only this time we have the first full cycle Electronic Arts, which recently acquired the company. And of course his finger would be there.


The title is almost the same as last year. This could be a weak point of the game, especially for those who really liked the 2021 version. But then you ask: what could be improved?

As I said before, it was easy to be sure that and He would put his finger on the game and let go of the usual brush. That’s how the road was born. F1 life. It’s nothing more or less than a place where you can show off your in-game life to other players.

You can customize your accessories and show off your car collection, as well as buy items in shops to enhance your digital luxury. Bitcoins. Odisha electronic artBut all this is completely one-time.

Of course, there are players who want to make their space the best it can be, but for me it was a huge waste of time. He could have focused on building the old tracks and legendary cars that marked the golden age F1.

One of the major changes will be seen in the cars that have been wrapped in real life for this season. All the details are here, especially the new racing tires.

The Australian, Spanish and Abu Dhabi circuits have recently received upgrades that have added even more immersion to the game. We also continued the sprint race at Imola, Austria and Brazil. Oh, and let’s not forget about the Miami circuit, which is a new circuit.

Other details such as GCs were implemented The weekend and training programs, which have already been revised in the last game, have gained more usability on the screen.

No less, but for PC users, it is still possible to have fun in VR mode. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to test the game this way, but I think it should be sensational.

Skin immersion

Remember when I mentioned it above F-1 World Grand Prixfrom Nintendo 64? Something that really surprised me at the time was how realistic the game felt. It might seem like the scariest thing in the world these days, but by 1998 it was hard to imagine that racing games could get any better.

with coming F1 2022 I had the same feeling when I was 18. I felt like I was driving in a real race. Everything is very good and real. Car and track details are featured throughout.

Interestingly, I noticed a lot of jags when playing at 1080p. Maybe I didn’t fix something in the game settings. The optimization is great because my computer meets all the maximum requirements to play the title except ray tracing.

Even when playing in 4k, I felt very well optimized with no frame rate drops. Tests were performed on Geforce RTX 2080 Ti.

Ambience and engine sound are excellent, bringing everything you need to get in the seat Cabinet and have hours of fun. The only problem I found was in the dub of the pilot Carlos Sainz, in which they say his name incorrectly.

Complexity and usability go hand in hand

You can have fun in different ways. You can choose to start a career Formula 2 Or choose direct login Formula 1. You can still play multiplayer and split screen with friends.

Players will have several options in career mode. Many of them were already in the previous edition, but they have been redesigned for better perception.

The development tree comes with many items to maximize your evolution. The game options will appeal to both casual players and those looking for an experience closer to reality.

In addition, on weekends, using sports cars, it will be possible to have fun with certain goals. There are tests to complete at medium speed as well as drifting.

Opponents everywhere

As new implementations are not all, we have to give a hand to cheer the work done in the field of artificial intelligence.

Anyone who loves racing games knows that all the features of a title of this size must be drunk first AI Durable and of the highest quality.

The work done each year on the development of this issue over time is well-known and satisfactory. Opponents are aggressive and intelligent in racing. I feel less and less like I’m playing on a computer.

It should be noted that this is not a quality specific to this series. I’ve already noticed and talked about in other racing game reviews how AI is taking on more and more life in this genre.

And that’s great because it adds to the fun, immersion and especially the realism that motorsports fans are looking for. Virtually perfect game physics ally, F1 22 Has captured a place on the first shelves of racing games.


I admit that there was very little left before the maximum rating in this edition. I would imagine that Electronic Arts would put their ideology into the game. It was obvious that there would be coins.

The good part is that it still isn’t as aggressive as other games like the series FIFA. But be warned that the news stops there. Players prefer old tracks and legendary cars for fun rather than alternative outfits to make their character attractive.

In other questions F1 22 100% enjoyable, it brings everything that fans of the category like. Stunning graphics, virtually perfect physics and smooth and enjoyable gameplay.

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