F-Zero and the $40K+ Question

Fans’ passion for popular franchises is often seen in the creation of mods, adaptations, remakes, demos, and even documentaries. However, what kind of person is obsessed with the series F-Zero What has been done recently can be considered a new level when it comes to how far the excitement of an entertainment production can go.

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Known as on Twitter tell me, fans were tired of waiting for information about the development of a new chapter in the racing series, and so began a bold plan. After selling his shares in another company, the boy invested 5.6 million yen – or just over $41,000 – to buy 100 shares of Nintendo. Yes, he had a plan.

Under the Japanese company’s rules, that number of shares would be enough to secure a seat at the annual shareholder meeting, which Nintendo owns. However, Momiji’s idea was to take advantage of the participation and ask the executives when we would finally have a comeback. F-Zero.

However, there was a detail that made the initiative a big gamble, because the right to ask questions at the meeting was not guaranteed. It would have been just a “bonus” if there was an opportunity, but the passionate fan decided to take a chance.

So when all these shareholders and executives gathered to discuss Nintendo’s future, Momiji had a chance to question the company’s leaders. After bringing up a few titles that have been largely forgotten by Nintendo, e.g Batten Kaitos, Vario land and himself F-ZeroThe first person to respond was President Shuntaro Furukawa himself.

“It’s realistically difficult to develop new titles and remakes, including sequels, for all the Nintendo games people are asking for, but we’re very grateful and appreciate our fans’ expectations for our games,” the executive said.

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Then it was Shina Takahashi’s turn to answer. Showing a stance that somehow seems more optimistic for fans, he said:

“We are always looking at how to develop new titles and remakes that many players can enjoy,” said the CEO. “During the 79th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in 2019, we were asked if there were any plans to rebrand the series. Famicom Detective Club And at that time we were planning a remake. This is an example where we have already developed such a title. “

Takahashi then concluded by saying that they can’t say if there are plans for a future remake of any particular game, but that during development they’re always thinking of different possibilities that we might like.

What caught my attention the most in this statement was the emphasis on the idea of ​​a remake, which immediately made me think F-Zero GX. Developed by Sega’s Amusement Vision division and released for the GameCube in 2003, this title was so fantastic, it continues to amaze me almost 20 years after its debut on the console.

Maintaining 60 frames per second, the game managed to convey a sense of absurd speed and display images with a 16×9 aspect ratio and progressive scan. Even with the tracks relying on fog to ensure the GameCube could do the trick, it was impressive to watch 30 cars battling it out to see who would go ahead.

Because all that technical quality always made me think that Nintendo could have benefited from what the Sega folks did F-Zero GX, make visual improvements, add content and re-release this great game for Switch. Obviously, this would be a bigger job than the Wii U remasters that have gone into the company’s current video games, but it would still be easier than creating a chapter from scratch.

The last release of the series took place in 2004 (and only in Japan). F-Zero Climax For the Game Boy Advance, there are those who argue that a comeback has yet to happen due to a lack of new ideas. For Takaya Imamura, who created several characters for the franchise, it will be difficult to make a comeback without a truly innovative concept for Nintendo.

This opinion goes in the same direction as Shigeru Miyamoto stated in a 2012 interview. According to the game’s designer, “Many games have been made since the first episode on the SNES, but the series has evolved very little.” For him, people are tired of the series F-Zero And that’s why Mario’s creator wants to know something we wish he hadn’t done before.

F-Zero Climax, the latest installment in the series (Credit: Playback/Rik Hideto/MobyGames)

Maybe Imamura and Miyamoto are right in their lines and the release of the new chapter ends in failure without much news. What I doubt is the impressive number of sales Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. The game is estimated to have sold over 45 million copies on the Switch and, let’s face it, that’s innovative considering we’re talking about an adaptation of something that came out a few years earlier for the Wii. you

Despite A F-Zero does not have the same appeal as a Mario Kart, I believe that the nearly two decades that separate us from the last release would be more than enough to spark a lot of public interest. So why not enjoy the title as good as it is F-Zero GXChange it and use it to measure how much people love the franchise?

Sometimes I get the impression that Nintendo just doesn’t make more money because they don’t want to.

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