Exoprimal fascinates with chaos and exaggeration in a ridiculously fun shooter

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THE capcom It is going through an incredible phase. To upgrade or not Resident Evil, devil can cry or Monster hunterThe Japanese studio has maintained a high standard of excellence over the years. In the equally promising future, exoprimal did not attract much attention inside Composition From a developer, especially since it feels more like a co-op shooter in an already swamped industry. Fortunately, the game is another example of Capcom not letting you down.

O It exploded!The gaming aspect Legion of Heroes, had access to the game during the testing phase and the result exceeded expectations. for those who don’t know exoprimal is an online co-op shooter set in the not-too-distant future where Earth has been invaded by dinosaurs controlled by a sadistic artificial intelligence known as Leviathan. To confront the creatures, soldiers don exo-armor and go to the front line against prehistoric monsters.

Immediately, inside scenes By presenting this strange world in which dinosaurs roam the streets, it is possible to perceive what the demonstrations so far have failed to justify: the great humor of the game. An absurd premise calls for an equally absurd tone, and the whole thing ends up being something of a delicious exaggeration. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance – Unfortunately, only without a great soundtrack.

Exoprimal captures the absurdity of tone and appearance

The only mode available in the trials is called Jurassic Survival, which pits two teams of five players in a race to reach one set of objectives before the other. There are a variety of armors that cater to characters with their own looks, attacks, and functions. Some are more capable of dealing the bulk of the damage, while others are more adept at slashing enemies with a katana.

Change booking at any time, with just one calm down After 30 seconds, matches become more dynamic as each player can experiment with different functions depending on the situation or with the team. And trust me, things get ugly fast.

What is surprising about this? exoprimal There are an awful lot of dinosaurs on the screen. It’s all too easy to surround yourself with an avalanche of flesh- and metal-hungry velociraptors – which only makes fighting the hordes with powerful weapons all the more satisfying. Wielding katanas, bombs and machine guns, the game captures that delicious sense of crowd control found in titles like 4 died or any other Musu.

The screen is really full of dinosaurs in Exoprimal

The gameplay is equally satisfying. At first glance, it’s nothing more than a pretty polished third-person shooter. But when exploring other armors, it’s clear that there’s a good variety of mechanics and styles. Playing as a tank means wearing a huge shield-like holographic barricade and only using melee attacks; More flexible classes like the Samurai have the option to throw, jump and even slash enemies in the best possible style. devil can cry.

The dynamics of the main mode is also one of the main ones. Matches start out as a cooperative experience, and from the start there’s a huge amount of pressure to efficiently complete objectives, such as killing hordes faster than the opposing team. Eventually, though, the two teams cross paths, opening up the possibility of a head-to-head showdown — even if it’s not mandatory.

Class switching in Exoprimal is quick – and essential for battling a T-Rex or playing with other players.

In one of the matches, the race for goals was fierce. However, the final moments took place on the long avenue of the city, with each team on different sides of the street. At that point, it was necessary to bring the cart to the finish line, and things became more intense to find out that it was possible to destroy the enemy’s objective and hinder their advance. It would take many battles to emerge a winner and things quickly turned into chaos between players and dinosaurs everywhere.

Even with only one mode and several exo-armor options, exoprimal Made a very positive first impression of a wildly original, fun, super-over-the-top and very chaotic co-op shooter. It remains to be seen if this feeling remains in other modes or if he spends more time in the game, but the tests asked more of him.

exoprimal arrives Pracha, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5 Sometime in 2023, no date set yet. O It exploded! Tested the PC version of the game, in the alpha phase.

What are your expectations? exoprimal? Leave it in the comments below and feel free to check it out:

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