Exclusive: The Recruit Zero music game has people arresting an escaped Freemason

Developer Rafael Braga and the team from the Subsolo Games studio have made Recruta Zero, a fun digital interaction game available on the web in support of the composition of the same name, released by the band As Menarcas.

In the game, the population hunts down a Freemason ruler responsible for a “chloroquine and Viagra-fuelled catastrophic government with a climate of famine and genocide,” according to the production blurb.

The underground rock group from São Paulo, formed by four talented artists, recalls the best of 80’s rock, with an intense atmosphere and lyrics that say “Recruta Zero, sua mascara chama” and references to and about “Capitão”. Children “Zero”. “One, zero-two, zero-three”.

“Bia Santos, who is the guitarist of Banda As Menarcas, came to me in the middle of this year to talk about the idea of ​​the game, which was originally supposed to be released on September 7th. After delaying the recording dates of the song, we decided to release it during the election period,” explained the game designer. Game drops.

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The musical game Recruit Zero has people arresting an escaped Freemason. Photo: reproduction/frame

Recruit Zero is a music game where people arrest an escaped Freemason

The musical game Recruit Zero has people arresting an escaped Freemason. Photo: reproduction/frame

According to the creator of the game, the group “has been in the punk scene for a long time” and brings this involvement to their lyrics. “When they were looking for me, they already had this song, ‘Recruta Zero,’ and we started figuring out how we could turn the song into a launch game,” he explained.

The professional notes that it is already part of his work as a game designer at Subsolo Games that most projects have “a game with a function and a political message”.

The game’s gameplay uses mechanics familiar to players from music games such as Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution arcades, which determine a certain time to press the arrow keys to the rhythm of the melody.

The game is available for free for computers and mobile devices on the website www.asmenarcas.com and on the group’s social networks.

“And people can learn more about Subsolo on our website. Or in a great episode where I was with you on Rádio Geek”, recalls the developer about participating in the NewsGames program launched in August 2021, which brought exclusive information about the Free Fire Favelas Cup.

To play, simply log on to the band’s website.

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