EVO, Sony and Epic Games have teamed up to reduce latency in fighting games

Companies want to make video games more responsive and fun to play.

It is currently considered to be the largest fighting games tournament in the world EVO Announced that it is Work in partnership with Sony and Epic Games to reduce game latency. In a statement issued last Friday (3), the event organization said it wanted to bring “A more responsive futureFor the Fighting Games Society (FGC).

Essentially competitive, fighting games have latency as one of their main enemies – Unresponsive control can mean the difference between winning and losing in close competition. The problem becomes even more serious when we talk about the online environment where different connection speeds contribute to unequal conditions between competitors.

The announcement comes after a few Reports that PlayStation hardware often has higher latency than competitors in many games. Because EVO is now owned by Sony and favors the company’s platforms, this could create many Problems between high-level competitors Who usually train on other consoles and computers.

The partnership promises news soon

Up to this point, EVO, Sony and Epic games No specific plans have been announced to address the problem of delays in combat games. However, they promised to release more information about the initiative soon, which would also involve partner developers – that is, There is a good chance that names like Capcom, Warner Bros. Games and Arc System Works are enabled Somehow.

Among the games that prevent Sony hardware problems are King of Warriors XVWhich is particularly less responsive in PlayStation 5 Than not Xbox Series X | S. This is not a new issue for the fighting game community: in the past, similar titles Ultimate Marvel Vs. capcom 3 And Street Fighter IV It also brought performances to better-regarded Microsoft platforms.

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He seems to have the initiative Active involvement of wrestler Arturo “NYC Furby” Sanchez, One of the most vocal voices in style games with delays issues. This news has generally been well received, but many fear the consequences of the initiative Eventually skip the more niche style games Or who already have a more limited active base.


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