EVO 2022: Nothing new from Mortal Kombat; Nike’s custom sneakers are quietly coming out

It was reported earlier today that PlayStation will be making announcements at EVO 2022. That is, it is likely that we will see a new character. Street Fighter 6For example, and hopefully some new Bandai Namco game.

One of the games that will be part of EVO 2022 is Mortal Kombat 11 And the stage would be the perfect place for some sort of announcement – ​​especially since it’s the show’s 30th anniversary. However, Ed Boon confirmed on Twitter that this will not be the case. He says it’s time for his rival Street Fighter And other fighting games shine. In other words, nothing new Mortal Kombat Will be shared at EVO 2022.

Meanwhile, Mark ‘Markman’ Giulio, one of EVO’s current business directors, revealed that one of his projects before the COVID-19 pandemic was custom sneakers in partnership with Nike.

Mark eventually found out that the shoe, which is the Air Force 1, was released without any fanfare and it made him very sad because it was supposed to be something special. As you can see in one of the photos, the shoe has the commands on the tongue that Daigo Umehara performed in “EVO Moment 37” with Ken in front of Justin Wong.

These sneakers are finally releasing in limited quantities, and at this point there will probably only be options at retailers that exceed the standard values.

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