Everywhere: GTA developer’s new game gets official trailer at Gamescom 2022

Leslie Benzis promises an ambitious game with a great variety of gameplay and several elements of creation

During Gamescom Opening Night Live, developer Build a Rocket released The first teaser of his ambitious project Everywhere. Although the company is still relatively new, it has a team made up of several company veterans, including Produced by Leslie Benzis — The name is known for its contribution to such series as Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption.

Everywhere there is a very ambitious project that promises us Combines elements of gameplay, creativity and discovery In an experience that spans several interconnected worlds. In a previous leak, the project was already described as a kind of “The real world number 1 player“.

A short teaser released during Gamescom 2022 shows scenarios that include a futuristic city, a desert where cars compete against each other, a peaceful forest and the interior of a dangerous volcano. It also brings Moments of action, racing and environmental exploration with very different characteristics.

Everywhere has nothing to do with blockchain, says the developer

According to Benzies, his new project wants to Push the boundaries of the gaming world, while continuing to deliver a player-centric experience. He said that while the development team isn’t working on a specific release date yet, he It hopes to bring the title to the community sometime in 2023.

The lack of information about the game led to an analysis of his vacancies, which shows Some Research Opportunities in the Blockchain World. In a statement sent to Eurogamer, Build a Rocket noted The game will not have these types of elementsNeither will be based on NFTs, but the company is always open to exploring how new technologies can be implemented in the gaming world.

These are research positions because we don’t like to rule out new technologies just because others haven’t found a solution for them.“- they say in the studio. Everywhere is built on Unreal Engine 5 and promises to bring an experience where players can not only share their experiences, but also watch content and do “much more” activities that should be Their creators soon explained.

Everywhere: The new game from the maker of GTA promises to be the #1 player in real life

Everywhere: The new game from the maker of GTA promises to be the #1 player in real life
Leslie Benzis wants to make the project even more ambitious than Rockstar games


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