Everwild seems to have reached a new production phase

For starters, it’s always good to remember that Rare has an advantage New IPsAnd so it was sea ​​of ​​thievesOne of the most popular Microsoft console games to date and also forever wildYour next title we’re interested in getting to know you better.

Everwild has already been shown twice and it showed the atmosphere of the game, but we haven’t seen its gameplay yet. There was news that the title had resumed its development, then the British team somewhat denied it, but the main director left the project. So we are waiting for more news.

now, Louise O’Connor of Rare announced a new wave of signings for Rare’s Everwild on its Twitter page, and this could indicate that the game has reached A new stage of its developmentAnd which can be total production.

#Everwild is hiring! We have a lot of cool things to build and do, if you think you can help us, check out our new contract design features:

Additional details are taken from the job offer page:

Our Sea of ​​Thieves pirate adventure, released in 2018, is still going strong – and with that we’re busy creating our next magical world, Everwild, which was announced in 2019 for a global audience.

Team Everwild does just that. We are a diverse group of people who want to create a game that the world doesn’t have. They are our heads full of ambition And full of our backpacks passion to bring players an adventure that celebrates the wonders and mysteries of nature in a magical world.

We are Looking for like-minded people Explorers, dreamers and creators of magic who share our desire to be a part of Rare’s latest innovative game.

This is a feature of the game design, so you can be at the beginning of your adventure or looking for something new after expeditions elsewhere. Bring us your creativity and desire to create, and we’ll give you the chance to test and develop your skills in a team that cares deeply about the game and each other.

It seems that, like Sea of ​​Thieves, Everwild is a very ambitious game for Rare. Let’s stay to find out what your gameplay will look like and how it will work in practice. Rare has made great games throughout its history that many have been passionate about, and we hope the tradition continues.

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