Even without E3 2022, check out all the gaming events of June

Unfortunately, this year edition E3 Canceled, but before the existential emptiness begins, be aware that several important presentations will take place at the same time, when the world’s largest toy market is usually held. And the coolest? O. Voxel Covers all broadcasts, so you do not miss the news in the gaming world, with the right to do so Preview and synchronous translation On our YouTube channel! See all confirmed game events so far:

2 June

PlayStation Game Status

To begin the uproar, today (27) Sony has announced that it will be holding Play State on June 2 at 19 hours (Brazilian time), with 30 minutes Announcements and updates from PlayStation, including game development PSVR2.

In addition to broadcasting on YouTube (with English subtitles), you can also watch the official PlayStation Twitch channel.

9 June

Summer Game Festival

The biggest gaming event of the moment (Momenatra E3), Summer Game Festival Hosted by host and organizer Jeff Keeley (The Game Awards) on June 9, at 15:00 PT, and you can follow his official channels on Twitch, YouTube and Twitter.

10 June

Netflix Geeked Week


Netflix Mega Event Geeked Week 2022 Launched on June 2 with several announcements from the Streaming platform, however on the last day (June 10) we will have announcements related to the gaming world such as animation. edgerunners To Cyberpunk 2077!

11 June

Show upcoming games

The future

presentation Show upcoming games Will be held on June 11, at 16:00 (Brazilian time) and will feature up to 40 games from the platforms. Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC! You can follow the event on the official GamesRadar channels Trembling, Facebook, YouTube And Twitter.

12 June

Xbox & Bethesda Games Exhibition


The Xbox + Bethesda presentation at E3 2021 was a joke and thrilled with angry announcements such as: Smuggling, STALKER 2: Chernobyl Heart, Redfall, Substitute And many more! So, will there be more “angry” announcements on this year’s show?

To test Xbox & Bethesda Games Exhibition On June 12, at 14:00 (Brazilian time), simply log in to YouTube, Twitch, Facebook or TikTok.

PC Gaming Show

PC Gaming Show

Transfer PC Gaming Show This year will be held on June 12 at 16:30 (Brazilian time) and will feature up to 45 games such as: Arma 4, Warhammer 40K: Space Marine 2 And Victoria 3 And also a New trailer Immortality, A game developed by Sam Barlow Silent Hill: Origins And Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.

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