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Epic Games announced this Tuesday (21) that it will allow crossword puzzles with Steam users. Epic Online Services will bring players together from a single list on both platforms, as well as a single interface for users to find friends and be able to play online matches regardless of service. The company also said that the account will be connected automatically, without the need for email or passwords, and players will be able to use the new features without updating the games. It should be noted that crossplay is a trend today and is available in titles such as Fall Guys, Fortnite and Rocket League.

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Epic Games Announces Crossplay with Steam Users – Photo: Disclosure / Epic Games

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The service is the first in a series of tools from Epic Games that connect different platforms. The developer has plans to include it in consoles and mobile devices, as well as native support for other computer stores. According to Simon Ales, CEO of Epic Games Online Services, crossplay allows friends to create memories together.

“We are uniquely positioned to bring about industry change through crossplay tools for all developers, and we believe that connecting with friends and communities will lead to the next big growth in the gaming industry and the next billion players,” Alice said.

The novelty will allow several forms of integration between the platforms, which go beyond the online matches themselves. Users will have accounts linked to the services, as well as send invitations to friends regardless of the service. Games are also experiencing constant improvement without the need for upgrades, allowing for greater fluid play.

New rating system

New Features Allow Player Response to Epic Games Store – Photo: Handout / Epic Games

Another novelty announced in connection with the Epic Games Store is the rating system. The feature allows players to rate games up to five stars and complete in-depth experience questionnaires. The system calls random users and the only requirement is to play for at least two hours.

Quizzes include questions like “Is this game good for group play?” Or “How hard are the bosses in this game?”. Feedback generates tags that can be used to filter variants of the Epic Games Store, creating a more personalized experience.

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