Epic Games’ new free tools make it easy to play Steam games on your PC

The company also wants to deliver solutions for MacOS, Linux and portable devices.

Epic Games announced last Thursday (16) that it has acquired free game development services Tools that make it easy to create crossplay multiplayer games on Steam. This way, companies that distribute their titles on the Epic Games Store will be able to more easily implement the friends lists that are shared between different computer stores.

As the company stated on its blog, The new solution aims to break down barriers that prevented interoperability between different services. “Since these services are not compatible, this means that players can not play with friends who have purchased from different stores, even though they have exactly the same game.“- said Epic.

This is confirmed by the company This is just the first of several “add and play” tools it will offer to connect communities. Epic Games has been a big supporter of crossplay systems, which has just followed Fall Guys Server integration between PlayStation and PC versions.

Store support needs to be increased

In its official blog, Epic Games said it already is They work to expand their compatibility systems across more stores. Although the current solution only works on PC, for versions macOS And Linux It is also in the process of being processed with intent Cross-platform game between desktop platforms and mobile devices.

To make it easier for players to connect to PC stores, Epic Online Services includes a overlay that brings Steam and Epic Games friends together in one list.“- Explained in the company. The system also provides a An interface that makes it easy to find friendsSend and receive invitations and connect with game sessions that are already underway.

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Crossplay gives all friends the opportunity to unite and create cherished memories in an interactive experienceExplains Simon Alice, Senior Director of Epic Games Online Services. According to the executive, Epic wants to use its privileged position in the industry to provide tools that make it easy for developers to get things done And help games grow and reach more than 1 billion people.


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Source: Epic Games


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