Epic Games is launching a collection system for its game library

The Store now also lets you mark games as favorites, making them easier to access

THE Epic Games Store Official debut last Monday (26) A A new collection system for your users’ libraries. From there, you can group games according to themes tailored to your account, Facilitates your organization and access to specific topics For example, about a certain genre, company or year of release.

Each user can create a total of 11 collections, and they will now appear when accessing the selected app’s library. There is another news Ability to mark games as favoritesGroup them into separate categories that can also be accessed quickly.

Both solutions already exist in some form on other PC and console stores, and their addition to the Epic Games Store is equally positive. The service already offers a filtering and search engineBut new options make it easier to access specific games, especially those that are played frequently.

Epic Games Store promises new features

officially launched in 2018, The Epic Games Store is still under construction and lacks several key features. Only this year, responsible developers introduced a review system based on selection and restricting players from registering their own opinions.

Also, even though the store already has an achievement system, It still doesn’t work universally, leaving behind many titles introduced before its debut. Epic Games says it continues to invest in improving its store and app, with the main focus being the weekly distribution of free games.

The company believes that the store is a long-term investment, which Profit generation should start only from 2027. Despite continuing to bet on exclusive releases, the company also hasn’t seen much financial results from it, according to internal documents. Only satisfactory managed to recover the investments made for the company To avoid going to other stores.

Ark: Survival Evolved and Gloomhaven are free on the Epic Games Store

Ark: Survival Evolved and Gloomhaven are free on the Epic Games Store
Both games can be redeemed for free until noon on September 29th


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