Epic Games confirms that Unreal Engine 5 will support DirectStorage

The technology should bring several benefits to loading virtual textures using the Nanite system

And technology DirectStorage Already an integral part of Windows 10 and Windows 11 is what it brings Do not immediately apply to all games that work on the operating system. For this to happen, software must be designed with an API in mind, which Epic promises that this will happen soon with all projects done in Unreal Engine 5.

last session”Ask something unrealisticThis was announced by graphic engineer Brian Karis The company is ready to support the technology. While he didn’t release a prediction for when that might happen, he said a solution might help Loading virtual textures (VT) with the Nanite systemwhich takes care of the geometry systems of the graphics engine.

According to Karis, This will be one of the first implementations of DirectStorage which should be offered to developers who have chosen Unreal Engine 5. Released by Microsoft in March of this year DirectX family of technology It promises more bandwidth advantages offered by M.2 SSDs To speed up data loading, allowing games with very short load times and even wider open worlds.

The first game with API support arrives in 2023

It should be the first major game to bring DirectStorage support to PC abandonedAction and adventure game developed by Square Enix. Although the developer has been promising for a long time that it will hit the stores in October of this year, last week He decided to postpone it until January 24, 2023.

In the demonstrations held so far by the Japanese company, The API is mainly used to speed up the game’s load time — which does not even reach 1 second on most screen transitions. According to Microsoft, The technology will be useful for all computer usersBut those who are going to get the most out of it are those who already have M.2 format SSDs installed.

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The promise of a Windows owner is that DirectStorage will be able to free up 40% of CPU usage in the best possible scenariosFeatures that can be used to further improve game performance. The company is already making some adjustments to its systems to prepare them for the API’s debut.Including adding clearer indicators of whether machines with Windows 11 installed will be able to take advantage of it.


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