Epic accuses Google of paying $360 million to Activision not to build an app store

The owner of Fortnite claims that the company has used its power to prevent competitors from emerging in the mobile world.

Started by Epic Games, around the same time they sued Apple over Fortnite The legal battle that the company opened against Google Recently revealed interesting details behind the scenes of the industry. This is confirmed by the company The Android owner paid Activision more than $360 million to prevent it from opening a rival app store to Google Play.

According to the documents sent by the company to the court, this amount is divided into payments made during a 3-year interval. similarly, Google also allegedly paid $30 million to TencentThe owner of Riot Games (League of Legends) so that the studio does not create its own store.

This is also confirmed by Epic Games Companies like Nintendo and Ubisoft have benefited from similar deals in recent years🇧🇷 The owner of Fortnite claims that the search giant is using its large financial power to prevent new competitors from emerging and gaining ground in the mobile world.

Activision denies the allegations

According to Epic Games’ allegations,The agreements entered into by Google also provide for payments in favor of YouTube When sharing videos and trailers. Additionally, companies will have to credit the company for using its advertising and cloud services.

Google says deals with other companies help keep developers happy and boost industry competition Activision denies the allegations🇧🇷 In a message published on Twitter, the company’s vice president for corporate affairs, Lulu Cheng Meservei, said that he has already applied to the court. Documents and testimonies that confirm their position🇧🇷

The legal battle between the companies is likely to continue because It also includes other serious charges🇧🇷 Epic Games claims that the Android owner has even started negotiations with Tencent Both of them bought 40% of its shares. As a way to start a Aggressive acquisition And it prevents him from using the popularity of Fortnite as a basis to also establish himself as a big name in the mobile world.

EU expands investigation into Activision Blizzard acquisition

EU expands investigation into Activision Blizzard acquisition
Regulators worry about the impact on the PC gaming market


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