Enjoy! 12 months live gold for 179 R $

It’s time to get your Game Pass Ultimate subscription

If you need your upgrade Live gold Or Game Pass Ultimate, It ‘s time now. THE Xbox Central In partnership with Hip gamesSpecialized games and gift cards in the store give you a coupon 10% Discounts on XBOX subscriptions, gift cards and games.

Attention: Use the coupon CENTRALXBOX At the time of payment.

And to enjoy, just click here to log in to the official website Agitation.GamesAdd one Signature on the bag And use a coupon CENTRALXBOX At the time of payment. But run, this promotion is valid only on June 12 and 13, with exclusive and limited stock.

We must remember that you can use the coupon All For products XBOX Available on the hype.games website and we will highlight them among them 12 months of Xbox Live Gold And For 3 months Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Both signatures can be purchased at a 10% discount.

Attention: Use the coupon CENTRALXBOX At the time of payment.

Check out some subscription tips using the CENTRALXBOX coupon.

  • 12 Months Xbox Live Gold = BRL 179.99
  • 3 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate BRL 121.99
  • 3 months of Xbox Live Gold BRL 77.99
  • 1 month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate BRL 40.99
* Final values ​​are calculated according to the current price of the website

Hip games Is an online store for games and credits for PC, console and mobile games. In addition to buying your favorite games online or on Steam, you can also find Free Fire Credits, a Google Play Gift Card for thousands of mobile games, a PSN and Xbox subscription, Blizzard Balance and many more.

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O. Xbox Game Pass final Is a subscriber service that integrates Xbox Live Gold It allows you to play online, chat with friends, save games Games with Gold, In addition to many other advantages, has exclusive discounts; O. Game The pass Which is a subscription game library where you will have access to a large number of monthly updated titles, including all Xbox exclusive launches; O. XCLOUD Which allows you to play a huge list of games via tablet, smartphone, browser or app for Windows 10 and through the catalog. EA PLAYWith more than 70 games Electronic art. We must remember that you can sign Xbox Game Pass final Only BRL 5. Click here and subscribe! * Valid only for new subscribers.

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