Embracer Group acquires Tripwire Interactive, Middle-earth Enterprises, Limited Run Games and more

Embracer Group announced the acquisition of Bitwave Games, Gioteck, Limited Run Games, Middle-earth Enterprises, Singtrix, Tatsujin, Tripwire Interactive and Tuxedo Labs, as well as the creation of a new operating group called Embracer Freemode.

In 2021 and 2022, Embracer Group acquired the Western side of Square Enix, Perfect World Entertainment, 3D Realms, Gearbox and others.

Freemode Embracer

The newly formed operating group focuses on six broad and diverse business market segments, including: retro/classic/traditional games and entertainment, game development and production, devices, equipment and collectibles, community and e-commerce, new ideas and production technologies and services.

1. Bitwave games

With Freemode’s support, Bitwave can expand its internal development team and build a publishing team. Bitwave brings Toaplan’s highly acclaimed shooter to PC and publishes the classic platformer Nintendo Entertainment System / Famicom Gimmick on modern consoles in the West.

2. Gioteki

One of Europe’s leading gaming accessories brands. Gioteck has a rich heritage spanning two decades.

3. Limited launch games

Embracer Group, through its subsidiary Freemode, has entered into an agreement to acquire Limited Run Games from its founders Josh Fairhurst and Douglas Bogart. Limited Run is a leading global publisher focused on physical video game collectors.

Limited Run will operate as an independent subsidiary with Josh Fairhurst (CEO) and Douglas Bogart (COO) continuing to lead the company under the newly formed Embracer Freemode operating group. The Carbon Engine and Limited Run business model align with the legacy of Freemode’s focus area, valuing retro gaming and the ability to take classic games into the future and preserve the legacy.

4. Middle-earth enterprises

Embracer Group, through its subsidiary Freemode, has entered into an agreement to acquire Middle-earth Enterprises, a division of The Saul Zaentz Company, which owns a vast catalog of intellectual property and worldwide rights to films, video games, board games, merchandise. .

Basically, games, series and movies based on Tolkien’s works will be owned by Embracer Group.

Middle-earth Enterprises will be part of the newly formed Embracer Freemode operating group. The company will continue to operate independently under the existing leadership team of Middle-earth Enterprises, working closely with Embracer Freemode management and other Embracer operating groups.

5. Singletrix

Embracer Group AB, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Freemode, has entered into an agreement to acquire Singtrix from its founders. With the acquisition, Freemode welcomes a highly innovative five-person team and its extensive network that will strengthen Freemode’s game development and introduce new opportunities for music and audio game products.

6. Tatsujin

Embracer’s first studio in Japan. Tatsujin is directed by Masahiro Yuge, one of the founders of the arcade game studio Toaplan, known for games such as Truxton, Snow Bros, and Flying Shark.

Saber Interactive

Through Saber Interactive, which is owned by the Embracer Group, two more acquisitions have been made. Saber is 100% owned by each of the following developers.

1. Tuxedo Labs

Tuxedo Labs is best known for creating the voxel-based destruction PC game Teardown. Embracer adds Dennis Gustafson, founder and CTO of Tuxedo Labs, a high-tech visionary in physics, to his team of five.

Within the Embracer Group, Tuxedo Labs will operate as a subsidiary of the Saber Operating Group.

2. Tripwire Interactive

Tripwire Interactive is well known for its Killing Floor series, Rising Storm and its recent bestseller Maneater, as well as its publishing division Tripwire Presents.

Co-founder and CEO Alan Wilson will remain in his role and continue to lead Tripwire alongside Bill Munk, co-founder and lead combat designer, and David Hensley, director of design. Co-founder John Gibson is looking for opportunities outside of Tripwire.

The acquisition adds a highly experienced development team with its collection of four strong franchises: Maneater, Killing Floor, Rising Storm and Red Orchestra. The group has an exciting AAA title in production as well as a rapidly growing publishing division.

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