Elon Musk: Tesla cars will soon run Steam games

Tesla’s CEO says a demo is coming

Some Tesla car models are equipped with The AMD SoC is based on Zen+ cores and RDNA 2 graphics Which is already running a few games right now. but now Elon Musk says that The Steam integration is progressing and a demo will “probably” be available next month Tesla owners.

In response to a tweet from A The profile is focused on Tesla ownersSpeaking about the possibility of gaming in the company’s car, Elon Musk replied: “We’re making progress on Steam integration. Demo probably next month.”

in february CEO of Tesla Motors has already said that the company was working on this possibility. At the time, he said that offering specific titles, such as Cuphead, to be played on the car’s infotainment system is an avenue Tesla should pursue for a long time. Then came the implementation of the Steam library.

Tesla is recalling 130,000 cars for overheating Ryzen APUs

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It remains to be seen if Steam games will be able to be bought through the car system, or if there will be hardware limitations like with Steam Deck, where developers have to update their games to make them compatible with Valve’s portable system.

AMD APU in Tesla cars

While we’re saying that the system GPUs in the Tesla Model S and X cars are capable of running heavy titles and even with the same performance as the PlayStation 5, we know that there’s a GPU for the Navi 23 that’s a notch above the current AMD entry SKU on RDNA 2 generation, achieving such performance is not so easy.

The technical specifications of the AMD hardware in Tesla’s car systems have not been officially released, but it is believed that The Navi 23 GPU has 28 compute units, 1792 stream processors, running at around 2.8 GHz..

Processing up to Quad Zen+ cores with 0.5MB L2 cache and 4MB L3 cache and 45W consumption. Tesla recently had to recall nearly 130,000 cars with Ryzen APUs due to overheating.


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Via: The Verge


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