Elon Musk does not plan to compete in the console market

In an American podcast, the businessman once again spoke about Elden Ring

Elon MuskFamous billionaire, executive director Tesla and gives SpaceX, a fan of the games has been mentioned many times. Ზe podcast American known as “Complete submissionWhen asked directly if he would consider being part of the console market (competing with big names, e.g Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony), Musk was simple and precise in his answer:No“.

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Elaborating his point of view a little further, the entrepreneur adds that “Consoles, at this point, are basically all PCs.“He concluded by saying that”Not sure if there is any value proposition in this market“, is known for its high competitiveness. Asked if he was playing something, Musk said again Ring of EldenOne of this year’s most popular titles released by FromSoftware for platforms old and current generationas well as Pracha.

Elden Ring is Elon Musk’s favorite game

Elon Musk shared a few months ago Twitter A little bit about how he feels about the game and even said that “This is the most beautiful art” What you have already seen:

Rumors of his possible interest in the gaming world go beyond his obsession with the Elden Ring. Recently, it was reported that Tesla cars Could run games Steam soon. with models AMD SoC based on Zen+ architecture and RDNA 2 graphics Can run certain games. Billionaire has confirmed that the Steam integration is moving forward and a demo version will likely not be available for much longer.

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