Elon Musk always wrote on Twitter as if he was the owner of the place

Mr. Musk’s Twitter, like his money, works in a way that others do not. He only tracks 114 accounts, but his tweets usually get tens of thousands of responses each and often more. He launches his Twitter app, which is arguably the most loaded messaging tab on the entire service, representing millions of words directed at him, mostly. About him.

With each lifting of the cere finger, the tab is algorithmically filled with more new posts than one person might expect to read. This is Twitter that is too busy and overloaded to look like Twitter, as most people know, every possible message bubble reads “99+” forever.

Twitter, for most users, is a place for people to follow and possibly post. For a smaller group of customers this is a place where you try to gather followers. For someone who’s Mr. Musk’s position, “it’s like sending messages to the world,” said Jake Apdegraf, a well-known social media manager with extensive Twitter account management experience.

With a large enough audience, Mr. Updegraff said, “This is the whole forum that you are posting.” This is a requested portal at the Media Galaxy Center, where a regular source of information changes with an endless stream of people coming to you by name. For the right type of person, few things can be more intoxicating (or more tiring).

The ways in which Mr. Musk used Twitter for power in the real world are evaluated by different tools and on a different scale than what he was able to accumulate within the platform. They are the most important thing in the future, for him and for us. Mr. Musk clearly sees the importance in what Twitter is already doing and what has enabled it to do so, and his desire to protect or expand these features beyond the platform could have serious consequences.

To decipher Mr. Musk’s claims about how Twitter could be changed, his experience with the platform could be instructive. He has used Twitter to promote his companies – namely Tesla, but also SpaceX, Boring and others – and has ruthlessly attacked his critics and competitors.

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