Electronic gaming stages exclude gambling and must include apps

On the plenary agenda of this week’s chamber, PL 2796/2021, which creates a legislative framework for the electronic gaming industry, should undergo changes and include games through mobile applications or directly on the Internet, electronic games. Today’s text talks about “executable software on microcomputers or special consoles in which the user controls the action and interacts with the interface”.

“We deal with games through applications or on the Internet, we conclude with an opinion, there are many proposals for changes. We will be working this week and eventually it is possible to expand the project. study with technicians”, said the speaker, deputy stay from Matos (PSD-SC).

The original draft by the text’s author, Deputy Kim Cataguirre (UB-SP), already includes apps and online games, given that “most games today are not commercialized in physical media.”

The aim of the project is to stimulate the electronic games industry in Brazil by reducing the tax on products, currently around 70%, by equating electronic games with computer products that benefit from the Informatics Law (providing the possibility of credit for companies that invest in research, the possibility of reducing ICMS for stimulated products, PIS- that reduction for raw materials).

The text expressly excludes slot machines or other games of chance from the definition of electronic games. It envisages the use of games in classrooms, therapeutic treatment and vocational training, in addition to contributing to the training of manpower in the electronic games industry.

“In addition to the classroom, hospitals are using games for people with cognitive problems.”

President Jair Bolsonaro is in favor of reducing taxes on games. He has already pushed for a four-fold reduction in import duties and taxes on industrial products, and most recently, in June, he cut the rate on foreign purchases of consoles and accessories for video game machines from 16% to 12%. For video games with built-in screens (portable or not), the rate was 16% to zero.

In the Senate, a constitutional amendment proposal (PEC 51/2017) is still pending, which would grant tax immunity to video game consoles and games manufactured in Brazil. The text has already been approved in committees and is awaiting a vote in the Senate, although it is not expected to enter the agenda.

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