Electronic Arts is looking for opportunities to merge or sell, the report said

The company was in talks with Disney, Apple, Amazon and NBCUniversal to make its plans viable.

One of the largest distributors and developers in the gaming market, Electronic Arts recently worked on a merger agreement with NBCUniversalAccording to information published by the Puck website. The company did not stop there and also contacted names such as Disney, Amazon And Apple To negotiate possible purchases that have not been made.

Although none of the publisher’s attempts have so far yielded results, the report says Those responsible for this have not made any effort. According to reporter Dylan Beyers, “Several sources familiar with the conversations say that EA was persistently looking to sell and only became more daring after the Microsoft-Activision deal.“.

Beyers also notes that his other sources have argued this Electronic Arts prioritizes possible mergers with other media groups. This will allow current CEO Andrew Wilson And other members of the company board to maintain their positions and power to decide the fate of the developer games.

The deal with NBCUniversal was the most advanced

Although the deal investigated by the company was not completed, Puck’s report says The deal with NBUniversal lasted considerably until it was canceled. Comcast CEO (who controls the media conglomerate), Brian Roberts, will be interested in forming EA. A new unit that integrates multimedia projects and games.

According to the report, The point that prevented the partnership from being signed was the amount that had to be invested in Electronic Arts To finish. Checked out on the Kotaku website, The publisher said it did not comment publicly on the rumors And who finds themselves in a privileged position of strength and growth, thanks to a rich portfolio of games.

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Microsoft announces acquisition of Activision Blizzard for $ 68.7 billion

Microsoft announces acquisition of Activision Blizzard for $ 68.7 billion
The immediate effect of the acquisition will be the arrival of the company’s games on the Game Pass for Xbox and PC.

The reports contradict Andrew Wilson’s public statements in February of this year, when he claimed that The company was interested in new acquisitions. It will be only in 2021 The company has invested $ 5 billion to acquire new studiosWhich includes the $ 1.2 billion acquisition of Codemasters in February last year.


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Source: Kotaku, Kotaku


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