Elden Ring: The Convergence is a mod that promises to bring a new experience

The mod is made by the Dark Soul 3: The Convergence team, which is considered one of the biggest Dark Souls mods.

After millions of players flocked to Midlands of the Elden Ring, there are now enthusiasts who continue to explore the game and those who await DLC. Although nothing is confirmed, the modding community, as always, has its way. Ring of Elden: Convergence There is a mod that promises to bring a different experience to FromSoftware’s game.

The mod comes from the same team that developed Dark Souls 3: The Convergence, and this mod brings new weapons, armor, classes, spells, different enemy locations, changes to scenarios, and more. Considered one of Dark Souls’ biggest mods (and there are a few), the same idea has now been developed for the Elden Ring.

“We’re toying with the idea of ​​multiple starting locations for different classes, but I’m not going to make any promises right now,” said Paul Gooch, the mod’s creative director, in an interview with VG247.

“Our current idea is to have 10 or 11 classes, and before you choose one, you start the game in a small building or platform on another plane. So there will be a certain number of altars on the platform that you can interact with,” he explains. Mod Director.

These altars will be subclasses, according to Gucci. For example, if you start as a fighter, there will be three sanctuaries. One will be for Gladiator (focus on strength), one for Berserker (focus on two hands) and one will be for Dreadnought (focus on weapons and shield),” he adds.

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Elden Ring: The pre-release patch version of the game had differences in the capital Leindel

Mod will enable the freedom of roads

Gucci says that players will be able to make their way more freely and encounter bosses in different orders. “Players could, to some extent, make their own way. If a player wants to beat the main mountain boss in Limgrave, they can, but it won’t be easy,” says Gooch.

“We want new players and veteran runners alike to feel engaged by offering multiple potential paths. Each has a very unique route in the game,” adds Creative Director Elden Ring: The Convergence.

The team wants to honor the history created by Hidetaka Miyazaki and FromSoftware, but also expand on it. “I always try to respect the story and themes of the original game. Extending learning through law or concepts (that society has agreed upon) opens all kinds of doors for original designs. […] We never want the mod to look like a mod,” explains Paul Gooch. “Unlike a game company, we have the benefit of time, and we do it just because we love it,” said the director.

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Elden Ring: The Convergence is still in the early stages of development, but if you’re interested in seeing what they’ve done to Dark Souls 3, the mod is over on the Nexusmod page.


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Source: VG247


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