Elden Ring: See the 5 best places for farm runes at the beginning of the game |  games

Elden Ring: See the 5 best places for farm runes at the beginning of the game | games

Elden Ring is the latest role-playing game from From Software, with the world-famous Dark Souls series. By mixing elements from several of the developer’s previous titles, he won the hearts of gamers with a novelty created in collaboration with George RR Martin, author of Game of Thrones, but without neglecting the challenging gameplay feature. To alleviate this difficulty, many players use the fact that enemies are constantly fighting to conquer various runes and quickly raise the level, a method known as “farm”. so, TechTudo List below the best locations for the runes farm at the beginning of the game and how to get there.

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There are places in the Elden Ring that are ideal for cultivating and quickly mastering runes – Photo: Disclosure / Bandai Namco

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Limgrave (Warmaster’s Hut)

Location of Cabana do Mestre da Guerra on the map – Photo: Reproduction / Igor Dantas

Warmaster’s Hut is located on Storm Hill, in a mountainous area of ​​Limgrave. Behind him is an open area with five trolls giving each 1000 runes, for a total of 5,000. As an early area of ​​the game, limgraves are slower and, in theory, easier to kill monsters. Also, they are always re-fed after the customer rests on the spot for free. This way, repeating the process of killing them will give the players a lot of runes from the beginning, which will speed up their level.

Warlord’s hut trolls are slow and very easy to kill – Photo: Reproduction / Igor Dantas

Kaleid (Great Impenetrable Bridge)

Location on the map of the Great Impenetrable Bridge – Photo: Reproduction / Igor Dantas

Before reaching the Red Mane Fortress in the southeast of Caelid, a battle ensues between General Radan’s men and zombie dogs. It is possible to observe it from a distance, from the top of a rock, while enemies face each other to death. Each killed animal or man creates runes for the players, and controversy always reappears when they rest on the ground for free.

Just watch the fight from the top of the rock – Photo: Reproduction / Igor Dantas

So if you want to get a lot of runes in the Elden Ring during other activities, just watch the bloody fight from a distance until it is over, then go back to the nearest free spot, which is under the watchtower next to the bridge, to relax. And repeat the process.

Kaelid (Catacombs of the War Dead)

Location on the map of the war dead catacomb – Photo: Reproduction / Igor Dantas

This catacomb is only possible after the defeat of General Radan. After defeating him, summon the horse to the battlefield (Stellar Scourge Radahn) and head northwest, where the cliffs reach the sea. There you will find a door that delivers the seat.

The door to access the catacombs of the war dead – Photo: Reproduction / Igor Dantas

Go up the stairs inside the catacombs until you discover that a war is going on between the ghosts. So just stay at a safe distance and let the enemy fight to get lots of runes for free. Anyway, be careful when any of the ghosts start your way. This is a very high level zone where enemies can easily drop you with a few attacks.

Ghosts Fight Forever in the Catacombs – Photo: Reproduction / Igor Dantas

Greyoll Dragon Rift (Beast Shrine)

From Bestial Sanctuary on the map – Photo: Reproduction / Igor Dantas

This is a great place to easily build a lot of runes in the early stages of the game. This is because the Greyoll Dragon Rift is an area for mid- and high-level players, so enemies throw lots to kill the runes.

To get to Bestial Sanctuary, the player can go all the way through Caelid and Greyoll’s Dragon Rift or just use the portal located in Limgrave, near Marika’s third church. This portal can most easily be found with D, the hunter of the dead, in the village of Waking Waters.

When leaving the altar, the player must ignore the gargoyle at the entrance and start descending the mountain from the left. Thus, you will find many militiamen, tiny humanoids scattered all over the area. Since they are not in a group, killing them is very easy and each gives the player 1094 runes.

Greyoll Dragon Rift

Map of Fort Faroth – Photo: Reproduction / Igor Dantas

Upon entering the Fort Farot, the player will have to collide with giant bats to continue there. The thing is, these enemies can easily be killed one by one: just move them out of the castle with arrows or projectiles. However, beware of the queen, who emits poisonous smoke and can make the character drunk quickly.

Attracting bats with arrows or projectiles – Photo: Reproduction / Igor Dantas

The good thing about this castle is that the free space is directly at the entrance. So when you have problems, just run, relax and resume the bat killing process. At the beginning of the game, this is one of the best places to climb fast.

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