Elden Ring: modder removes Erdtree and fixes game performance issue

Mod is suitable for those who have an input video card

The biggest problem with Elden Ring is undoubtedly the lack of optimization, especially on PC. There are several “fixes” for this all over the internet, but a modder solved this problem the lumberjack way: cutting down the tree. The Erdtree (Térvore, in Portuguese), a giant glowing tree in the game world, is one of the main causes of inconsistency in game performance.

The mod, called “Remove Erd Tree (FPS BOOST)” promises, as the name suggests, to boost performance in Elden Ring. In the description, author k4richard says that when removing the tree, the FPS “increases greatly”, especially in the two boss fights that take place at the base of the tree.

The modder told PC Gamer, “The closer I got to Erdtree, the more demanding the game became.” He says that this hampered his experience in the second half of the game, as he got close to a giant tree that prevented him from completing the game.

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However, the modder plays the FromSoftware title with an NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030, a video card below what is considered entry-level, and this prompted him to look for a way to make his experience less painful. That’s when he started researching and creating a mod.

The mod is intended for those who have an input GPU

“Erdtree and particle effects were clearly the root of the problem. After removing the tree and some effects, I was able to play the game at 30 FPS on a low-end PC. A massive 15 frame increase on the GT 1030! This mod practically reduced the graphics card requirements for the game,” the modder wrote.

A PC Gamer writer who spoke with the modder said the difference on his PC was 10 FPS with the mod. However, he notes that the mod makes more sense for low-end PCs, and that more powerful video cards that already run the game at 60 FPS without problems will not feel the difference, especially since the Elden Ring is blocked. Frame rate per second.

To install the mod you will need “Mod Engine 2 for Elden Ring” and 4krichard’s mod. To remove the parts from the tree that the mod couldn’t, this mod can help you with that. Remember that the game must be in offline mode to use the mod and avoid the risk of being banned from FromSoftware’s servers.


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Via: PC Gamer


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