Elden Ring: Let Me Solo Her player will win a Bandai Namco sword celebrating defeating 1000 Malenia

The player continues the mission and says he’s lost count of how many times he’s defeated the boss.

Known to specialize in one handed defeats MaleniaOne of the most difficult bosses Ring of EldenLet Me Solo Her player It received a special honor from Bandai Namco last week. The company sent him a special commemorative kit that included a commemorative plaque, a game map, a certificate and A real sword.

Let Me Solo Her – also known by her real name, Klein Tsuboy — thanked him for the gift on social media and told a little about his history with From Software games. He claims he started with the Dark Souls series and almost gave up on the franchise. After the confrontation with Iudex Gundyr, the first boss Dark Souls 3.

on twitter He also thanked him for the support from the communityand, “One of the most passionate and dedicated” is currently available. The player also thanked some of the content creators and players who helped him get interested in From Software games and discover their secrets.

Let Me Solo Her continues her mission

Although he has already become a household name in the Elden Ring community and has inspired many cosplays and tributes, Let Me Solo Her still follows the mission that made her famous. Armed with a pair of katanas and a single pot that doubles as a helmet, the player continues to work with other humans to defeat Malenia.

He claims that Still far from retirement And though I’ve lost count He believes that he has defeated the boss more than 2000 times so far. What makes the task especially exciting is the fact that when he enters other people’s matches for this, his character not only loses energy, but The enemy increases your life bar.

– Continues after commercial –

As the name used by the player says, He still can He defeated Malenia alone, and the player who summons it can only watch the battle (and stay alive). launched in February of this year, Elden Ring is already the biggest commercial success in From Software’s history and continues to receive updates and various changes made by its community.


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Source: Games Radar, PC Gamer


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