Elden Ring is the best horror game of the decade so far

The desperation caused by some of the situations in the Elden Ring is unparalleled. Try walking around the Midlands at night and suddenly get invaded by one of the random NPCs that pop up there every now and then. It’s just desperate. Especially when you know after a beating that you’re not up for the challenge.

When we think of horror games, obviously some classic franchises come to mind. Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Fatal Frame and Dino Crisis, for example. However, the mere fact of being chased by a very powerful enemy while the Tainted is at critical health in the Elden Ring is scarier than many games in this series combined.

After what I experienced after restarting the Elden Ring with a character class I still haven’t mastered (Hero), I can safely say that I’d rather spend hours chasing Lady Dimitrescu than two minutes. I passed through the night without even knowing from which direction the attacks are coming.

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Clearly, FromSoftware’s intention with Elden Ring wasn’t simply to scare players, as is often the case with so many horror games. Still, it’s hard to say that the sense of desperation that a few simple rides on the Elden Ring can provide can’t be compared to that provided by horror games.

Enrico suffers a blow.

Interestingly, being hacked by a real random player isn’t that scary. After all, the abilities of players vary greatly – and sometimes, some can make us laugh because we don’t know what they’re doing.

The characters driving the car know very well what to do. So bumping into one of them at night, with no signs of life, in an area where we don’t have much room to run, can be a unique and terrifying experience. Especially when we can lose all those hard-earned runes.

Elden Ring is available for PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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