Elden Ring: Game logs reveal up to 30 new bosses for possible DLC

New updates constantly reveal future innovations

The latest Elden Ring updates have brought even more evidence of the new content that should be coming eventually. Data miner Sekiro Dub he thought Clues hinting at new weapons, coliseums, new bosses, and unseen NPC characters.

New haircuts, six new weapons, an arena named after the Colosseum to serve as a PvP mode, up to 30 new bosses, and 16 NPCs and/or bosses named “someone who hasn’t been seen yet” are the findings of the data logger. found in journals. With a new update to the Elden Ring.

As Sekiro Dub himself says, it’s hard to say if Elden Ring will actually get 30 new bosses, but the notes do mention this type of content. There is a chance that all this incoming content will be diluted in various additional content packs. Today we are not talking about FromSoftware game news. Other updates have also brought magazines that hint at future news.

FromSoftware usually brings a lot of innovations to its games

Given the expansions FromSoftware released for the three Dark Souls games, each with new bosses, regions, and items, it wouldn’t be surprising to see something similar in Elden Ring.

Dark Souls 3, for example, got two major expansions that introduced new areas, enemies, bosses, and stuff in general. The same thing happened with Dark Souls 2, which received three DLCs with even more content. Already the first Dark Souls received an expansion with new bosses, story, areas, enemies, in short, the complete package.

The Elden Ring updates not only bring a record of news that may come in the future, but they also change the game world. A lot of these changes were visual, like moving a rock out of place or something like that, but they also changed the difficulty of the game.

An announcement is expected to be made at this year’s The Game Awards on December 8th. FromSoftware doesn’t usually talk much about what’s new for their games, and when an announcement is made, it’s usually a one-off and the next step will be a launch.

Elden Ring Patch 1.07 brings references to DLCs and Ray Tracing effects

Elden Ring Patch 1.07 brings references to DLCs and Ray Tracing effects
FromSoftware’s big success should get some new features in the near future


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