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Creating a character in the Elden Ring can be a daunting task. From software’s action RPG available for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X, PlayStation 4 (PS4) and PlayStation 5 (PS5), we offer plenty of options in terms of equipment, weapons, spells, and attribute distribution. To make these elements easier to understand, the game community has created a tool that allows players to plan their characters in detail, taking into account elements such as soft hats of attributes and levels, which are considered meta for those wishing to participate in PvP Multiplayer. See below how to set up a build in the game.

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A community-based calculator to help you plan and simplify the construction of Elden Ring symbols – Photo: Disclosure / Software

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The Elden Ring Build Calculator (https://eip.gg/elden-ring/build-planner/) is a free tool that lets you create characters by selecting a class, including detailed information such as defense provided with equipment, weapons, and spells. . Requirements. To test its capabilities, the build calculator is also interesting for those who want to keep their character in the level range that is considered the target of PvP Multiplayer – which is currently between 120 and 150 levels.

To begin, the player must fill in the left column of the instrument, select the starting class. In this section he can distribute levels among game attributes, select one of the big runes to activate its effects, and check the number of runes required for each level.

The tool automatically takes advantage of the various large runes on the Elden Ring – Photo: Reproduction / Alexandre Bueno

When allocating attribute points, the user may experience a color change. This change indicates that the attribute has reached one of the soft hats, the key points of the evolution curve, which changes the effective benefit assigned by each level. Intermediate soft hats are indicated in yellow and the last in red.

Attributes in the Elden Ring Have Critical Points for Improvement, Known as Soft Hats – Photo: Reproduction / Alexandre Bueno

Soft hats for game attributes are:

  • Viability: 40/60
  • Mind: 55/60
  • Hardness: 50 (up to durability); 25/60 (for equipment load)
  • Strength: 20/55/80
  • Convenience: 20/55/80
  • Intelligence: 20/50/80 (for weapons); 60/80 (for spells)
  • Belief: 20/50/80 (for weapons); 60/80 (for magic)
  • Arcane: 20/50/80 (for weapons); 30/45 (for spells and magic)

In the central column, users can choose the desired armor, mascots and weapons. The tool updates the active effects and attributes assigned by the equipment, the values ​​of defense and resistance.

In the center column are all the variants of the Elden Ring weapon, armor and talisman – Photo: Reproduction / Alexandre Bueno

When selecting weapons it is possible to choose the upgrade level, Ashes of War and the desired Affinity. In addition, the calculator also presents the minimum attribution requirements for the use of a weapon in the format of strength / convenience / intelligence / belief / arcane. If the text is red, the character has no minimum requirements for using the item.

When choosing weapons it is possible to choose between the ashes of war and the infusions offered by Elden Ring – Photo: Reproduction / Alexandre Bueno

The sum of the damage caused by the weapon is shown in the Total AR field, next to the requirements. To calculate the value when using an item with both hands, simply select the Two-Hand field at the bottom of the column. Using the weapon with both hands increases the effective strength of the character by 50% and the tool recalculates the significance of the damage and the minimum requirements.

Using both hands in the Elden Ring increases the effective value of power by 50% – Photo: Reproduction / Alexandre Bueno

The right column shows the attributes produced by the character and has no interaction with the player. Health points, focus points, endurance, equipment load (with load level indicator), balance, and detection values ​​are displayed here. Below these statistics are the defensive values ​​of injury types and resistance to various statistics and negative effects in the game.

Statistics values ​​from the Elden Ring are automatically adjusted when selecting attributes and equipment – Photo: Reproduction / Alexandre Bueno

In the central column, below the arms, are listed all the effects obtained from the currently selected equipment and large runes.

The effects of equipment, large runes, and amulets are described in detail in the Elden Ring Construction Calculator – Photo: Reproduction / Alexandre Bueno

At the bottom of the device, users can select spells to memorize. The calculator lists the statistical requirements in Intelligence / Faith / Arcane format, the number of slots required, and the FP value of the desired spell. Below the spells you can choose arrows and equipped arrows.

Elden Ring Spells Can Be Selected At The Bottom Of The Tool With Their Minimum Requirements And PF Value – Photo: Photo: Reproduction / Alexandre Bueno

Save, export and import characters

The last section of the calculator allows players to save, export and import characters. For this the player must:

Step 1: Click the “Save” button and select the newly saved symbol from the Select Build list;

The calculator allows users to save and score Elden Ring symbols created using the tool – Photo: Photo: Reproduction / Alexandre Bueno

Step 2: To export, click the Export button and copy the text from the window that opens;

To export the Elden Ring symbol, copy the text from the window to save or share – Photo: Photo: Reproduction / Alexandre Bueno

Step 3: To import a character, click the Import button and paste the text in the popup window.

The boot button allows you to load a character other than the one currently displayed, while Delete delete the save from the build list. To save the previous character, select the desired construction in the list, and then click Save as selected.

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