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Whenever Euden Chronicle: One Hundred Heroes It was announced, I soon mastered it Octopus Traveler Because of his schedule. The game was originally scheduled for this year, but due to the Covid-19 situation, it has been postponed to 2023. To compensate, the producer filed a lawsuit The Chronicle of Euden: AscensionA game that takes place in the same world.

Euden Chronicle: One Hundred Heroes It started with a Kickstarter campaign and because of the quality of the presentation, it not only achieved the necessary importance for the production of the title, but was enough to guarantee its development. The Chronicle of Euden: Ascension.

With different gameplay and graphic concept One hundred heroes, The Chronicle of Euden: Ascension Arrives to try to introduce this new world to the players who are looking forward to the 2023 title. But can it handle this weight well and is guaranteed to be fun for genre lovers?

It is possible to transfer your storage from PS4 to PS5. Source: PS5 Create

Introduced story The Chronicle of Euden: Ascension This is not the best. At least not before. You are CJ, a girl who comes from a clan where all the villagers have to leave their homes to find a bigger artifact than their family members found. As a treasure hunter, he goes to a city called New Naveah to try his luck.

This city is ruled by Isha, a girl who took the post of mayor very early due to her father’s disappearance. Here, in an attempt to hold the city, Isha gives adventurers permission to explore the caves for treasure, but at an appropriate fee.

From the very beginning, the player is introduced to the stamp system, in which he must help the townspeople to complete missions in exchange for a “stamp” in order to obtain the desired researcher’s license. After accessing the role, CJ finally begins his adventure… or at least wants to.

The Chronicle of Euden: Ascension It has such a dead start, I fell asleep several times during the gameplay. We are talking about a 2D game with a 3D script, so the research needs to be very well adapted so as not to be boring. And here, unfortunately, he is.

The Chronicle of Euden - Ascension
Each butt has a boss and you can fight him several times to collect special items. Source: PS5 Create

Inside the map are several teleports that are blocked during your progress. However the map is not intuitive and you do not know exactly where you are going. It only gets worse when, although you know where you want to go, you have to teleport between the poles until you find the one you want.

As already mentioned, exploitation The Chronicle of Euden: Ascension It is boring at first. You have to go halfway through the buttocks and back because something is always holding you back. And that’s usually boring. While there is a possibility of teleporting in the city, sometimes this does not compensate for the fact that there may be NPCs on the road asking for help in exchange for stamps, given this, there is a conflict between practicality and. Willpower to complete.All.

In fairness, the tour starts about six hours after the start of the game, and although it is a relatively large amount of time, you will be rewarded with more activities and materials to collect. In addition to more treasure and runes lenses, which is the main goal of CJ.

The Chronicle of Euden - Ascension
Elemental rune lenses replace the element of your strengths. Isha, the band magician, is the most prominent character in terms of power change. Source: PS5 Create

Unfortunately, The Chronicle of Euden: Ascension Has a problem that can alienate players who do not want to dedicate themselves. It only starts to go down a few hours later, as we have already mentioned, and that also applies to the story.

In the beginning the narrative is not so clear and a few other things – confusing – happen along the way, the whole focus on what is really important. There are side quests in all of this, which exacerbates the mess.

The game interface is not very well optimized, so the clutter on the screen confuses the player very much. All this confusion forced me to ignore this story for a while and follow it until everything was back to normal. Which, fortunately, happens.

As time goes on, things get better and as usual, CJ and his friends find that these runes have much more in their lenses than they imagined. When this twist happens, you start to spend your fun moments, it is just unfortunate that it takes so much time to take off.

The Chronicle of Euden - Ascension
The game has two modes that can be changed at any time during the game. Source: PS5 Create

If on the one hand The Chronicle of Euden: Ascension Presents its shortcomings, on the other hand manages to compensate, even if it has small shortcomings.

The general gameplay of the game is very good and intuitive. It will be difficult for you to meet the hordes of enemies. The only downside here is that heavy characters like Garoo have annoying delays, forcing you to give orders prematurely to make the attack time correct.

In terms of combat, Eiyuden works well as it has a variety of choices to defeat your enemies. Of course, this is only possible by upgrading your equipment in city stores, which even requires completing side quests to unlock and level them up, and thus increase inventory and / or improve services.

Unlike other action RPG games, here you do not have the opportunity to change your armor or weapons, just upgrade them. However, to compensate, this way it is possible to unlock several new skills, which will further enhance the fun aspect of meeting the buttocks.

Another moment that impressed me The Chronicle of Euden: Ascension Is the fact that you only need to press one button to control your characters. It is right. Your whole group is divided into one of four main buttons (except the X that jumps on the character), and as new skills are released, the same button, along with a few L3 tricks, turns your character into a real combo machine.

The Chronicle of Euden - Ascension
It is possible to create combined links with other characters to increase the final damage. Source: PS5 Create

But do not think that releasing all of these skills will be easy. As already mentioned, Eiyuden Chronicles: Rising It has a system for renovating and building stores in the city. With the completion of side quests and the completion of all stamps on the card, Nova Naveah thrives, welcomes new residents and is therefore interested in starting any kind of business.

The first point that complicates the upgrade, and what needs to be raised here, is the problem of getting Baquas, the local currency. The dungeons do not even poke their pockets, forcing you to depend on money for some side quests or pawnshops. However, selling something here becomes impossible because the city is priced at 30% tax, which significantly reduces your income.

The second point to note is a little more positive. Despite all the difficulties, this system of building becomes addictive. Side quests always come up and in most cases it is those who want to open a new business or improve a store they already own. It will not be difficult to abandon everything you do to find the items you need because it is important to have more current resources to sell, even if they are difficult to buy due to high prices.

The Chronicle of Euden - Ascension
Items dropped by seniors are rarer and generally more valuable. Source: PS5 Create

Graphics Eiyuden Chornicles: Ascension They are really beautiful. Unlike the future One hundred heroes, growing Brings scripts with 3D graphics and 2D characters. It gives an impressive charm to the game, especially in the buttocks, where you can see many details of the fauna, such as flowers, waterfalls and even snow. Maybe if the characters had been a little less pixelated, this adjustment would have worked better, but whatever they deliver here is already worth it.

The soundtrack, in turn, is nothing “wow”. It introduces the classic sound of RPGs from the 90’s and while it sounds nostalgic, it can feel like “laziness” because nowadays everything can get better.

The Chronicle of Euden - Ascension
During the trip to Euden, many new trails are discovered in the old places. Source: PS5 Create

The Chronicle of Euden: Ascension Arrived ahead One hundred heroes, But he is not perfect. In fact, I did not even expect it to be so, but seeing that Rabbit & Bear Studios managed to do so only by “changing” the main title campaign shows that they are willing to bring in some fun engine warm-ups. .

The title has its drawbacks, but over time it collapses and shows the other side that people who play a little can not see. At the end, The Chronicle of Euden: Ascension It becomes a good buying option for genre lovers looking for something new.

The game is reviewed on PS5 with the code provided by 505 Games.

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