EA’s CEO denies rumors of a possible sale of the company

Last Tuesday (2), during EA’s quarterly conference call for investors and analysts, the company’s CEO, Andrew Wilson, declined to comment on the possibility of acquiring the distributor after media speculation.

“First, I believe you do not expect me to comment on minor media rumours. But be that as it may, I’d say we’re in an incredible position. “EA is on track to become the largest independent developer and publisher of interactive entertainment on the planet,” said Wilson.


Image: Reproduction/Electronic Arts

With the battles between Microsoft and Sony in the games market, with a wave of studio acquisitions, rumors have started about the remaining studios that could be acquired. One of the studios involved in these speculations would be EA.

A few months ago, some news stories even claimed that EA would be interested in selling or merging the company. However, the distributor came to evaluate possible candidates such as Apple, Amazon and Disney. Talks with NBC Universal have heated up, but negotiations have not progressed.

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At the same conference, Wilson added that EA would be open to companies that want to do business differently if it helps “take care of our team, our players and our shareholders.”

In addition, EA also emphasized the importance of having single-player games in the catalog. According to the company’s CFO, Chris Sue, offline games are “an important part of our portfolio that we have developed to fulfill our core motivation.”

However, so-called “live-service” games like Apex Legends account for 70% of EA’s revenue. According to Suh, these games are a “pretty reliable revenue stream”.

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