EA’s bad joke on Twitter caused outrage at the company’s studios

The company still has to deal with the fallout from the unfunny prank

A tasteless joke was made on the social network electronic art On June 30, it still has results. After the message was criticized by several gamers and developers associated with the company, reports claim that it is also There was a big upheaval among the publisher’s internal teams.

According to USA Today, this is confirmed by many employees The message is an insult to them, their teams, and the games they are now making. The publication claims that the tweet began to be discussed on the company’s internal Slack an hour after it was published, which started with negative feedback from the public.

At first, EA came up with a plan in which their other social media accounts would start criticizing the tweet and ridicule. However, it was canceled as soon as the company realized that such an action only It would reinforce the impression that even the company’s employees don’t like it and his actions.

EA has decided to take responsibility and apologize

The best idea was to take responsibility for it and apologizes”, USA Today sources reported. However, EA made it just as damning: commenting that anyone who “Single player games were Note 11” he was A new wave of criticism was metMany of them focused on the profile’s inability to post funny messages.

– Continues after commercial –

The damage caused It still causes internal repercussions in the company, who holds several meetings with his teams to minimize the impact of the “joke.” According to USA Today, the non-key message may be the result of Whoever takes care of EA’s social networks doesn’t even officially work for the company or has knowledge of its internal processes.

I’m 99% sure whoever posted the tweet and their manager don’t even know about it Single player games ten years ago“, said one of the sources that the website provided. It appears to be the team responsible for the company’s networks New to the role and not even connected to the gaming world and the type of content that the fan community may or may not like.


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Source: USA Today


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