EA tells employees not to support transgender rights or abortion

Companies position themselves in favor of reproductive rights and trans people (Getty Image)

  • The game company said it would not protect the rights in public

  • The lack of positioning of the company has caused outrage among employees

  • In 2020, EA supported the Black Lives Matter movement

Against the backdrop of large corporations standing up for reproductive rights and diversity, EA, behind gaming company FIFA and The Sims, has told employees it will not publicly defend these issues.

The announcement came after workers asked the corporation to make a public statement about the leak of the Supreme Court report, which showed that the court intended to repeal the constitutional rights of abortion from U.S. citizens.

Although the company publicly supported the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020, following the assassination of George Floyd, this time the company did not want to continue to pursue a human rights-oriented social agenda.

Mala Singh, Chief Officer of the People, said: “There are many divisions in the world, we know that, but what unites us is that we are all here to bring amazing games and experience to our players, and that’s how we make the most of it. Positive impact on the world. On the world. “

Singh reportedly told EA staff to use the game company’s “healing circles” to process feelings about trans rights and abortion. An EA staff member told Kotaku that “healing circles” are group mental health sessions focused on specific issues. The recommendation would make the company employees dissatisfied.

“We recognize that these topics are deeply personal and we know there are many strong opinions and some will be disappointed when we say that we do not make public statements because we are focused on ways we can support our people around us. The world as their employer, “the company said. EA Corporate Communications Director Lacey Haynes.

Dissatisfied and discredited by the corporation, the workers spoke to the American media to show the lack of support from the company, which is beyond large companies that insist on using visibility to protect social issues of equality, equality and rights.

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